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Poison-She Wore Her Police Cap White Tanktop Showing Her Boobs And White Stomach Dark Grey Shorts With Her Handcuffs On The Side Black Shoes She Had Long Pink Hair Aqua Blue Eyes With Black Irises And Hot Red Lips And Black Eyelashes That Version Instantly Became In Love With Jonathan She Was In 3D Whereas Jonathan Is Normal Digitalized She Has Been His Manager Since 1990 (Her Debut And Jonathan's Debut) Poison Is No Pushover Poison Can Counter Every Move And Finisher And Poison Has An Unique Finisher And Signature Move And An Awesome Moveset To Her Fun Fact: Poison Owns Her Very Own Jet Plane Inside The Mansion It's Newly Upgraded And Updated

C. Viper


Juri-This Weird Girl Is An Huge Fan Of The Undertaker She Has His Posters


Vanessa (First Official Appearance)


All Archie Sonic Characters/Villains

Also Starring (Poison's Sisters/Daughters/Relatives)

Roxy-She Is Poison's Identical Twin Sister They Both Wear The Same Clothes And Look A Like As Well

Rose-She Is Poison's Younger Sister






Poison And Friends Issue # 1 (1993-94)

Story 1: Tackling Crime

  • In Poison's Mansion*

Poison: *Gasps* Oh No This Is Bad

C. Viper: Oh God Not Again

Cammy: Let Me Guess Evil Has Struck Again

Juri: Yep

Chun-Li: This Is Like The Second Time This Happened

Vanessa: Oh Dear God

Jessica: We Must Tackle This Problem

Poison: Right *Smiles* Let's Go!!!!

  • They Enter Poison's Jet Plane*

Poison: *Smiles* Luckily My Jet Is Much More Powerful, Invincible And Let's Not Forget Indestructible I've Put Time And Effort In Putting Engine Fuel For This Jet Installing Upgrades And Updates And Weapons Can Be Now Activated From The Sides With One Push Of A Button

C.Viper: Oh Good That's Great

Jessica: Right

Poison: Now Then Let's Start The Jet Up *Presses The Jet's Start Button*

  • The Jet Starts Up*

Chun-Li: Question Who Are We Going After?

Poison: *Puts Her Jet Pilot Goggles On Her Eyes* *Smiles* We're Going After The Big Bait The Suppression Squad

C.Viper: Oh Boy That's Gonna Be Good

Poison: I Know!!! *Smiles* I'm Such A Great Pilot And A Skilled One Too

Jessica: That's Obvious

Poison: Here We Go *Presses Button*

  • The Mansion's Roof Opens*

Poison: *Hands Are On The Piloting Wheel* Let's Do It *Pulls The Stick Down*

  • The Jet Plane Rises Out Of The Mansion Into The Skies It Takes Off*
  • In The Skies With The Jet Plane*

Poison: *Piloting* Good Thing We're In My Jet It's Very Convienient Since It Has Plenty Of Room For Us All

C.Viper: Agreed

Poison: *Piloting* Ooh I See Something Up Ahead Time To Activate Our Map *Presses Button*

  • The Map Pops Up On Screen*

Poison: *Piloting* According To The Map We Should Be Flying Over Freedom HQ Shortly

Chun-Li: Precisely We're Almost There

  • Down Below*

Roxy: We Need A Ride

Rose: Can Somebody Give Us An Ride

Jennifer: We Need An Ride

Tanya: Please Help Us

Elizabeth: We Need An Ride

Tiffany: I Wonder Where Our Ride Is?

Stephanie: Woohoo!!!! *Waves Her Hands* We're Down Here At The Airport

  • In The Skies*

Poison: *Piloting And Looks Down* Oh My Goodness My Sisters Need An Ride Hold On I'm Coming In

  • The Jet Plane Lands And It's Door Opens*

Poison: *Smiles* Hop In

Roxy: Yay!!!!

  • Her Sisters Enter The Jet Plane It's Door Closes*

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