Phillips is an original character appearing in the Jurassic Park fanfiction Corruption.


Phillips, along with his partner Hugo and another unnamed agent, arrived at the location where Max Gibson and police officer Linda Kreuger were working on contacting the charter plane.

As Max stepped out of the van, he and his associates stepped out and kidnapped Max. The unnamed agent was killed in a shootout with Linda while the others escaped.

Phillips led Max to a hideout and introduced himself as an FBI agent, but Max didn't believe him. Phillips gave him a laptop and told him to contact the charter plane. Max asked why they went through the trouble of kidnapping him, but Phillips didn't answer.

Phillips was extremely helpful, giving Max Hugo's cell phone as he believed that if he could isolate the virus Henry Gibson had implemented, he could go through with the trace.

Phillips was pleased, but didn't get to contact the plane. Hugo double-crossed him. He shot and killed Phillips and stole the phone from Max.



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