Phantom is a fictional character belonging to DarkHououmon and has made an appearance in Counterinsurgency and currently showed up in Sora W.T.K.'s A Sharptooth's Heart II. He is an adolescent dracovol, white skin with gray skin on his chest, belly, and underside of tail. Claws are white as well, but his hands are gray. He has a pair of wings like most dracovols, with feathers, and eyes blue against yellow.

He is a close friend of Stone, and serves as his kind's Ambassador as he helps maintain peace between the two races. He has a father-type personality, a serious but caring individual. He takes a liking to Rex almost straight away.


Because he is unwilling to talk about his past, most of it is shrouded in mystery. What is known is that he met Stone not long after the alimon became leader, and he saved the white dracovol from a sickleclaw. Ever since then he had been extremely loyal to Stone and helped form the alliance between his pack and the alimon's pack.

He is also very hateful towards his brother, who had started up a rebellion similar to the Darkarians. The evil brother believes dracovols to be pure carnivore and his followers formed a pack of their own. Phantom hates the very mention of his brother, and will snap at anyone who mentions him.

Phantom is one of the first to notice danger during Counterinsurgency, so he finds the troodon Turquoise and they have a chat with Stone about what to do. Phantom is not very fond of Turquoise, but will tolerate his presence if he has to.


Still not fully grown, and acting as a spy, Phantom is still a valuable asset to Stone as he relays important information. When he first hears about Rex, he is unsure if the lad is ready to know the truth or not. But when he meets Rex face to face for the first time, he is certain and explains Rex everything about his kind.

Any further involvement in A Sharptooth's Heart II is currently uknown.


Currently, his future is unknown.