Paulina and star by xjkenny-d2yfbfa

Paulina Is Jonathan's Best Friend And Girlfriend Paulina Wears An Dark Pink T-Shirt With Lines On It Showing Her Dark Tan Stomach And Boobs Showing And Wears White Underwear Light Blue Leather Pants And Black Sandals, She Had Light Green Eyes With Black Irises She Is Dark Tan Skinned She Has Long Black Hair With Her Pink Hairclip On The Side

Befriending Jonathan

During One Of Her Walks She Instantly Fell In Love With Jonathan She Leapt Into His Lap And She Hugged Him Tightly


They Began Dating After They Met Paulina Became Attached To Jonathan As She Became His Sidekick


Paulina Is Sweet, Kind, Loyal, Respectful, Trustworthy, Helpful, Polite, Hot, Sexy, Attractive, Intelligent And Considerate

Appearances In Movies

Jonathan And Paulina: The New Relationship

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