Paul Harris is an original character appearing in the Jurassic Park fanfiction Corruption.


Paul was originally unsure about letting Dimitri Maximoff to be his co-pilot as he feared he was too young. Paul berated Dimitri for his lack of flying knowledge while up in the air.

Finally, when the plane flew over Isla Sorna, Janet Korvoloski cut off the power. Unfortunatly, Pual was able to get the lights back on and continue to fly over the island. Dimtri made the split-second decision to take a fire extinguisher and knock Paul over the head with it.

Over the course of the story, Paul's unconscious body was recognized by Kevin Davenport, who was shocked Dimitri had the strength to do it, and Harvey David, who got queezy looking at him.

Finally, as the next day broke, Heidi Carroll found that Paul had awoken and was prepping the plane for takeoff. Heidi told him to leave everyone else behind.

Scott Green managed to make it back before Paul took off. Paul welcomed him with open arms and told him that if anyone made it back on time, he preferred it to be Scott.

Later, after Scott noticed movement outside, Scott told Paul about it and decided to investigate. After finding out it was a velociraptor, Scott pleaded with Paul to hold off becuase he knew that it meant that there were other surviors. Paul said no.

Paul finally got the plane moving just as Dimitri and Janet came out of the trees. Scott pleaded with Paul to go back down, but he still refused. Scott decided to take the fire extinguisher and knock Paul uncnscious again.

Scott and Heidi did rescue Dimitri and Janet and land the plane safely on a highway in Annapolis, Maryland. Erik Maximoff later leaned that Paul was awoken by police, who leaned that Dimitri was back safely.

Memorable quotes

  • Dimitri Maximoff: Paul, It’s me, Dimitri.
  • Paul Harris: Who?

  • Heidi Carroll: When did you wake up?
  • Paul Harris: Just right now. The better question is, where are my passengers and crew members?

  • Paul Harris: I’ve been unconscious all night. The sun is coming up. If they don’t get here soon, they don’t get here at all.

  • Paul Harris: Mr. Green, good to see you back in time. Honestly, if anyone was going to make it back, I’m glad it’s you.

  • Paul Harris: Mr. Green, the plane is still ascending. It’s not safe to be walking around. Please sit down.
  • Scott Green: Not until you land this plane. There are people down there who will die unless we turn this plane around!
  • Paul Harris: That’s just not going to happen.



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  • In the original draft, Paul was a pompus jerk who left the safety of the plane only to be killed by a dinosaur. This was changed for unknown reasons.