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Paolo Luteni was an Italian separatist during Day 1.

Before Day 1

Luteni had been a member of numerous terrorist organizations throughout Europe, but had never actually led any of them. Sometime before Day 1, Luteni had met Hamilton Sorel, and joined his organization Brigadoon. He was given orders to retrieve the Gardner Virus from Richard Texas, and ordered his own men to bring him George Hanlin for interfering with his plan.

Day 1

Since George Hanlin's death threats to Alexis Texas had garnered unexpected security from CTU Detroit, Luteni was angered to the point of ordering his men to rescue Hanlin from the CTU transport so he could kill him himself.

Hanlin was brought to him and after a tirade, Luteni shot him to death and ordered his men to dispose of the body. One of his men surveying the stadium told him that he was working on a contingency plan. After a while, with little time left, Luteni decided to rush the stadium since he had more men than there was security and manages to distract the agents waiting outside of the stadium and snuck into the west side.

He and three of his men followed the path backstage until coming upon their target: Richard Texas. Not having planned beyond this point, Luteni threatened to kill Richard, both of them knowing that he wouldn't since only Richard knew where the virus was. The standoff lasted until agents Andy McDermott and Tom Fisher eliminated his men and took him into CTU custody.

Luteni was transferred back to CTU where he agreed to an immunity agreement signed by Jonathan Mitchell before Fisher could even interrogate him. He agreed to call Hamilton Sorel so CTU could trace the call, but when Chad Crenzler gave him the phone, Luteni called and immediately told Sorel he was in custody, canceling the immunity agreement.

After being rescued by Andy McDermott, Jake Haskell insisted on seeing Luteni. Jake was given permission to speak with him, but not to touch him. Jake came in and began to blame him for everything he had to go through because of him and Sorel, and Luteni eventually caught on that Jake was being forced to help Luteni escape and that he was being told what to do. At the end of the conversation, Jake shoved Luteni down, discreetly handing him a knife.

About an hour later, Jake had finished all the preparations he needed for the escape and sent Luteni the signal via camera. He took the knife and stabbed the guard, taking his keys. He walked down the hallway and took Alexis Texas hostage, whom Jake had placed there. Eventually, agents began to follow, but he managed to make it to the parking garage and steal the holding room guard's car and drive off with Alexis as his hostage.


Day 1

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