Out of the Shadows 2 is the sequel to Out of the Shadows. It is written and published on Fanfiction.Net by DarkHououmon. It was first published in August 2006 and is still being written.


The story takes place immediately after the epilouge of Out of the Shadows. Rex has returned with grave news. There is a prophecy that seems to concern Littlefoot and his son, Brook. And if things weren't bad enough, an old evil has resurfaced and vows revenge. And things go from bad to worse when the Forsaken, a group of flamebreaths, and the Darkarians return to also cast their vengeance on the valley.

The story will focus on Brook, Tanner, Rex, and Chomper but will include other major characters, including Littlefoot, Yu, and many others. Main villains will include Thunderstorm, Aquamarine, Retaru, and Rennat.

The plot will update as more chapters become available.

Cast of Characters

Here's a list of some of the characters so far:


  • The story was originally going to be postponed until around mid-2007, but production on it started only around a month or two after the original Out of the Shadows was completed.
  • It turns out that Aquamarine didn't die in the battle against Rex.
  • In this story, we learn the dragons from Out of the Shadows were named Aquamarine and Thunderstorm.
  • The idea of flamebreaths and the Forsaken was inspired from the movie Reign of Fire.
  • Rex returns in this sequel.
  • The story will be crossed over with references from Turok: Evolution, and possibly other games or movies.
  • Originally the Darkarians weren't supposed to reappear. They were later added to add more suspense to the story later on.


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