An original character (or OC for short) is a character in a fanfic that is wholly the creation of the author and does not exist at in the canon. Often, original characters are self-inserts and/or Mary Sues. An OC is solely created for the story.


Most original characters represent the author in appearance, personality, etc, but most authors make the original character whatever they want such as having super natural powers that the author came up with for them.  There are many common traits that original characters share such as:

  • Usually being female(since most fanfiction authors are females)
  • They are usually teenagers ranging from 15 to 18.
  • In the case of a super natural world such as Naruto or Harry Potter they have powers that that author came up with (which can be very overpowered
  • Are usually shipped with the authors favorite character 
  • Came from the real world, but either died and reincarnated into that world or somehow got there
  • If they did come from the real world they would try to alter the events of the story since they have seen or read about that universe
  • Usually have smart and strong personalities 
  • Have an unnatural hair or eye color
  • Almost always have the story centered around he/she

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