This duel takes place in megasean3000's fanfic Xiaolin Showdown/Yu-Gi-Oh Crossover 1


  • Omi is sealed into the Shadow Realm, because he gave his Legendary Knight to Raimundo, so he was unprotected from Shadow Magic.
  • Omi, Stephanie and Kaiba take on Marik to buy Joey and Mai time to find Raimundo, Kimiko and Yami (Because they were captured by Chase and Jack.)

Duel Recap

Start at 4000 lps each

Marik's Turn

  • Summons Skeleton Moth (ATK: 1200)
  • Sets a card

Kaiba's Turn

  • Summons Vorse Raider (ATK: 1900)
  • Marik activates Nightmare Wheel, trapping Vorse Raider, and loses 500 life points each turn.
  • Sets two cards

Marik's Turn

  • Summons Skeleton Wolf (ATK: 1500)
  • Attacks Kaiba directly with it (Kaiba: 2500) since it's effect negates Traps during it's Battle, it's ot affected by Kaiba'sface-down cards.
  • Sets 2 cards

Stephanie's Turn

  • Activates A Legendary Ocean
  • Summons Legendary Fisherman without a sacrifice (ATK: 1850) > (ATK: 2050)
  • Attacks Skeleton Wolf
  • Marik activates Trap HAcker, using Kaiba's Ring of Destruction against Legendary Fisherman
  • Marik also activates Magic Hacker, so MArik can use Ring of Defence while Omi, Stephanie and Kaiba lose 2050 life points. (Omi: 1950) (Stephanie: 2050) (Kaiba: 450)
  • Activates Remove Trap on Nightmare Wheel, so Kaiba's life points are safe and Vorse Raider is free.
  • Activates Monster Reborn, bringing back Legendary Fisherman (ATK: 2050)
  • Sets two cards

Marik's Turn

  • Summons Skeleton Knight (ATK: 1700)
  • Activates Polymerization, fusing all three of his skeleton monsters together to form Skeleton Monolith (ATK: 2700)
  • Attacks Vorse Raider with it
  • Stephanie activates Waboku, canceling the attack.

Omi's Turn

  • Activates Emergency Rescue Party, allowing him to Special-Summon one monster, but at the end of his turn, it's destroyed. He picks Sanga of the Thunder (ATK: 2600) > (ATK: 2800)
  • Attacks Skeleton Monolith (Marik: 3900)
  • Sets two cards
  • Sanga is destroyed

Marik's Turn

  • Summons Revival Jam (DEF: 1200)
  • Sets a card

Kaiba's Turn

  • Activates Soul Exchange, tributing Revival Jam and his Vorse Raider to summon Blue-Eyes White Dragon (ATK: 3000)
  • Kaiba can't attack due to Soul Exchange's effect
  • Sets a card

Marik's Turn

  • Activates Skeleton Renewal, if Marik's Skeleton monsters were sent to the graveyard via Fusion, he can Special-Summon all three in Defence Mode (DEF: 900) (DEF: 1400) (DEF: 1600)
  • Sacrifices all three monsters to summon The Winged Dragon of Ra (ATK: 4400)
  • Attacks Stephanie's Legendary Fisherman, but Omi takes the hit (Omi: 0)

Omi is sealed, and by this time, Raimundo Kimiko and Yami turn up for the duel.

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