[[Image:Nova-Dramon|160px|Picture of Novadramon]]

Evolution Stage Giga
Attribute Lord
Type AncientDragon
Family Dragon's Light, Nova Family
List of Digimon

Novadramon is a Giga Digimon that was found by Gerald ,that appears in some of Miracle Digimon.


This digimon is one of the Ancient Digimons. He represents the element of Nova and his attacks suddenly Destruction and suddenly have a resurrection power.

Attack Techniques

Name Description
Super Nova Start[Resurrect Ver] He landing a massive stream of flames from his mouth for burning the world and restart the world .
Super Nova End[Destruc Ver] He cover up himself within a sphere of flame while he sent the whole area around himself in emptiness of powerful Zero Flame destruction.


Evolves From


Evolves To

DNA (Zerodramon) to Saintdramon


Gerald (FB:

Name Form

Nova is same as "End" or "Begin" word. Nova also short form of Ancient Holy Dragon.

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