1000px-Shade the Hedgehog by Hunter the hedgehog

Meet Nikki The Hedgehog Shade's Younger Sister Nikki Is Identical To Shade In Every Way Nikki Also Has Black Long Hair With Red Quills Red Eyes With Black Irises Nikki Also Wears An Red Tanktop That Shows Her Black Boobs And Stomach Nikki Wears Red Underwear The Difference Here Is Nikki Doesn't Wear Spikes Much Like Shade Herself Rather Nikki Wears Casual Clothing Nikki Also Wears Dark Grey Pants And Red Shoes Nikki Also Has Red Wristbands And Wears White Gloves

Nikki The Hedgehog: *Smiles* Hello!!!! I'm Nikki *Blushes* Shade's Younger Sister

Nikki's Backstory And Info

Nikki Had Sisters In Jessica, Nicole, Ashley, Cassandra, Heather, Kirsten And Rosalina The Hedgehog, Jasmine, Maggie, Lisa, Jennifer, Rosanna, Leslie, Veronica, Victoria And Lynn The Hedgehog Yvonne, Angelica, Angela, Cassie,Vanessa, Frenchie, Tiffany And Stephanie The Hedgehog Rose, Bethany And Annabelle The Hedgehog, Mariah, Carla, Shelbie, Amanda, Melissa , Alyssa, Miranda, Rachael And Jazmine The Hedgehog  Naomi ,Christina, Amber, Roxanna, Roxanne And Samantha The Hedgehog Along With Shade The Hedgehog (Nikki's Mother) Were Powerful, Faster, Stronger And Invincible Female Ultimate Lifeforms Who Made Their First Appearance In Shade The Hedgehog (2000 Archie Comics) Which Was An Offshoot Of Sonic The Hedgehog Comic Series These Series Began On The Space Colony Ark It Debuted Four New Characters Titania, Nancy, Megan And Carolyn The Hedgehog And A Fifth One In Darcy The Hedgehog And New Supporting Characters Including Senya The Hedgehog, Michelle The Wolf, Flinzy The Tiger, Hannah The Echidna, Natalie Prower And Jessica Prower

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