Main Characters

Nicole The Hedgehog-Nicole Has 5 Downward Dark Pink Spikes With White Quills Long Dark Pink Spikes With White Quills She Has White Eyelids She Has Aqua Blue Eyes With Black Pupils She Wears An Dark Pink/White Tanktop Showing Her Boobs And Dark Pink Stomach Dark Blue Jeans, Dark Blue Shoes With Wings On It She Wore Black With Aqua Blue Line Wristband White Gloves And Had Black Wristbands And Dark Pink Tail She Has An White Mouth Muzzle She Also Has An Dark Corrupted Super Form Who Is Dark Blue Furred With Extremely Long Dark Blue Quills And Spikes Dark Blue Clothes, Empty Eyes

Annabelle The Hedgehog

Destiny The Hedgehog

Natalie The Hedgehog

Stephanie The Hedgehog

Miranda The Hedgehog

Lacey The Hedgehog (6th Daughter)

Nicole The Hedgehog Jr (Nicole's Faithful Daughter Appears In The First Scene)-She Also Has The Same Dark Corrupted Super Form As Nicole Herself Having The Same Features

Layla The Hedgehog-Layla Looks Like Nicole And Is Her Older Sister

All Sonic Characters And Villains

Special Characters

Annabelle The Hedgehog Jr

Destiny The Hedgehog Jr

Natalie The Hedgehog Jr

Stephanie The Hedgehog Jr

Miranda The Hedgehog Jr

Lacey The Hedgehog Jr

Layla The Hedgehog Jr

Scene 1: Waking Up From The Pod

  • In The Pod*

Nicole The Hedgehog: *Smiles* Daughter Wake Up

Nicole The Hedgehog Jr: Where Are We?

Nicole The Hedgehog: We're In My Pod

Nicole The Hedgehog Jr: Wouldn't We Considered To Be Ultimate Lifeforms

Nicole The Hedgehog: Yeah But We're Different We Had Much More Features

  • They Get Out Of Her Pod*

Nicole The Hedgehog: We're In Casinopolis Holy Cow

Nicole The Hedgehog Jr: Let's Go Gamble And Book Our Hotel Reservations

Nicole The Hedgehog: *Smiles* I'm Way Ahead Of You Daughter Since We Have The Day Off

  • In Their Hotel Room*

Nicole The Hedgehog: It's Peaceful Around These Parts

Nicole The Hedgehog Jr: Agreed

  • Doorbell Rings*

Nicole The Hedgehog: *Answers* Oh It's You Girls What On Earth Are You Doing Here?

Annabelle The Hedgehog Jr: Well *Smiles* It Just So Happens That We Were Also Booking Reservations Too

Destiny The Hedgehog Jr: We're Next To Your Hotel Room So You Two Can Come In There And Discuss Anything With Us At Anytime

  • Hours Later The News Comes On*

Reporter: Robotnik Has Launched An All Out Assault On Mobius Roboticizing Mobians Everywhere

Nicole The Hedgehog: It Looks Like We Got Work To Do

Nicole The Hedgehog Jr: Yeah I Know

Annabelle The Hedgehog: I Didn't Know Our Daughters Were Here *Smiles*

Destiny The Hedgehog: Oh I See We've Booked An Hotel *Smiles* Great Idea

Natalie The Hedgehog: Wow I'm An Proud Mom Of Natalie Jr *Smiles* I'm So Happy!!!!

Natalie The Hedgehog Jr: Yeah

Layla The Hedgehog: *Smiles* Hi!!! I'm Layla!!!!

Layla The Hedgehog Jr: I'm Her Daughter *Smiles* I Think We'd Fit Into Your Plans

Nicole The Hedgehog: Brilliant!!!! I Got An Idea You Girls Take On The Swatbots While Me, Nicole The Hedgehog Jr, Layla The Hedgehog And Layla The Hedgehog Jr Take On The Robian Mobians

Destiny The Hedgehog Jr: Sounds Good To Me We'll Meet Back Here After We're Finished Agree

Nicole The Hedgehog: Agreed

  • They Each Take Seperate Trains*
  • In Train 1*

Nicole The Hedgehog: Alright Girls Our Mission Is To Stop This

Layla The Hedgehog: I Agree

  • They Get There*

Nicole The Hedgehog: Let's Get It Done

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