Nicole The Hedgehog As She Appears In Her Self Debut Movie Jane The Hedgehog: Origins Nicole Has 5 Downward Dark Pink Spikes With White Quills Long Dark Pink Spikes With White Quills She Has White Eyelids She Has Aqua Blue Eyes With Black Pupils She Wears An Dark Pink/White Tanktop Showing Her Boobs And Dark Pink Stomach Dark Blue Jeans, Dark Blue Shoes With Wings On It She Wore Black With Aqua Blue Line Wristband White Gloves And Had Black Wristbands And Dark Pink Tail She Has An White Mouth Muzzle She Was Created For The Sole Purpose Of Saving The World

History And Creation

Gerald Robotnik Decided To Create An All Powerful Female Hedgehog Version Of Jonathan The Hedgehog Resulting In Nicole The Hedgehog Being Created With Her DNA Extracted

Arriving On Mobius

She Was Launched In A Pod After Black Doom Had Stormed The Ark Ironically Enough Marianna The Hedgehog, Annabelle The Hedgehog, Destiny The Hedgehog, Natalie The Hedgehog, Stephanie The Hedgehog, Miranda The Hedgehog, Lacey The Hedgehog And Jennifer The Hedgehog (Her Sister) Were Also In Their Pods Being Launched Down To Mobius Once They All Arrived On Mobius They Looked Around At Their New Surroundings

Gaining Powers

Initially When Nicole And Her Sisters Fell Out Of The Space Colony Ark In Their Pods Into Mobius They Had No Powers To Begin With But Once They Gained The Chaos Emeralds They Obtained Their Chaos Powers And Abilities Making Them Capable Of Doing Chaos Control, Chaos Blast And Chaos Spear

Gaining Her Super Form

Nicole Knows A Lot About Super Transformation And Her First Super Transformation Occurred When She Fought Enerjak In The Sky She Became "Super Nicole The Hedgehog" Who Then Had Yellow/Red Fur/Quills Yellow/Red Tanktop Which Showed Her Boobs And Yellow Stomach Yellow Jeans And Yellow Shoes Her Sisters Followed Suit

Gaining Support From Mobians

Nicole Had Devise An Rather Intelligent Plan To Get Rid Of Robotnik Once And For All The Mobians Approved Her Plan And It Was Put Into Action Which Resulted In Robotnik Being Ousted From Power

The Formation Of New Megatropolis Freedom Fighters

Once They Settled Their Residence In New Megatropolis They Decided To Form An Freedom Fighters Based On Their Residence

Combating The Suppression Squad

While Nicole Was On Her Usual Emerald Hunt She Notices An Much Younger Nicole Who Bears Strong Resemblance To Her Greatly The Younger Nicole Was 10 Years Old Tears Ran Down Her Eyes As She Hugged Her Younger Daughter They Became Reunited Young Nicole Can Do Everything That Nicole Does She Is A Bit Shorter But Retains Nicole's Looks, Clothing And Appearance She And Nicole Decided To Take On The Suppression Squad Together As Mother And Daughter Successfully Defended Freedom HQ From The Suppression Squad Young Nicole Is Nicole The Hedgehog Jr While The Rest Of The New Megatropolis Freedom Fighters Were Fighting Evil Nicole The Hedgehog And Nicole The Hedgehog Jr Were Busy Gathering The Coordinates Leading To The Master Emerald

Gaining Her Dark Corrupted Super Form

While Super Nicole The Hedgehog And Super Nicole The Hedgehog Jr Were Fighting Super Scourge They Suddenly Couldn't Control Their Super Forms As They Would Become Dark Corrupted Super Nicole The Hedgehog And Dark Corrupted Super Nicole The Hedgehog Jr They Both Had Long Dark Blue Spikes And Quills Empty Eyes Dark Blue Fur And Their Clothes Were Dark Blue They Both Looked At Each Other And Gasped In Surprised Disbelief They Couldn't Tell What Happened To Them They Smiled Happily And Proceeded To Kick Scourge's Ass This Would Become Their Super Form Only

Movie Appearances

Nicole The Hedgehog


She Is The Mother Of Nicole The Hedgehog Jr

She And Nicole The Hedgehog Jr Have An Long Running Cartoon Series Featuring Them, Annabelle The Hedgehog And Natalie The Hedgehog

She Is Very Sexy And Attractive In Her Dark Corrupted Super Form As She Is Attracted To Dark Corrupted Super Nicole The Hedgehog Jr And They Became An Official Couple

Nicole The Hedgehog Jr Is Her Real Daughter

She Is The Very First Mobian To Interact With Her Daughter

Nicole Was The Undertaker's (Jonathan) Manager In 1990 Debuting As An Sweet Little Innocent Girl Ironically Undertaker (Jonathan) Debuted As A Face She Also On Occasion Would Revive Undertaker (Jonathan) With Her Urn He Would Return At Summerslam In 1994 As The New Look Deadman Sporting An Black Sleeveless Shirt W/Purple Washing Gloves, Purple High Socks, Purple/Black Tie And Tattoos His Theme Was "Deadman Killer" By R.E.M His Eyes Were Completely Empty As Predicted Undertaker (Deadman) Destroyed The Fake Undertaker After Three Tombstone Piledrivers He Would Be Seen In 1998 Wearing His 1994 Attire And More Deadly Than Before It's Pretty Obvious That He's Invincible To Pain

Nicole Also Has An Ultimate Form Which Is Caused By The Master Emeralds Which She Also Has In Her Pocket Unfortunately For Her And Luckily For Jonathan Jonathan Retained His Eggman Stole Her Master Emeralds And Tried To Blow Up The Planet Unfortunately For Him Those Plans Were Thwarted By Ultimate Jonathan The Hedgehog Himself

Theme Songs

All Hail Shadow (Nicole Version) By Magna-Fi (Hero Theme)
All Hail Shadow by Magna-Fi (Hero Theme of Shadow)03:23

All Hail Shadow by Magna-Fi (Hero Theme of Shadow)

Background Information

During The Enerjak/Prelates Saga Nicole And Her Friends Were In Nicole's Hotel Room

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