Nicktoons Unite!

The Battle Is On!

Platforms Systems:Nintendo Gamecube,Nintendo DS,Game Boy Advance,Playstation 2

Release Date: Tuesday, October 26th, 2011

Publisher:THQ,Nick Games

Developer:Blue Tongue Entertainment

Story Plot: Help Jimmy Neutron,Timmy Turner,Danny Phantom And Spongebob Squarepants Combine Their Powers To Save The World And Take Out The Evil Syndicate,Use Their Unique Talents And Abilities To Face Off Against The Evil Geniuses, And Shut Off Their Doomsday Device,More Than 15 Explorable Nicktoons Levels, Including Retroville, Dimmsdale,Amity Park, And Bikini Bottom,1-4 Cooperative Play Featuring Spongebob Squarepants,Jimmy Neutron,Timmy Turner, Or Danny Phantom,Help The Nicktoons Save The Universe From The Evil Syndicate.

List Of Episodes

1. Opening/A Message To Jimmy Neutron/Back To The Lab

2. Amity Park/Freeing All Ghost Inside Amity Park Citizens/Vlad's Castle/Battling Vlad

3.Bikini Bottom/Following Sandy Cheeks/ Freeing Citizens In Bikini Bottom/ Freeing Patirck Star And The Jellyfishes In The Chum Bucket/ Battling Plankton In Top On The Chum Bucket/Rescues Mr.Krabs

4.Fairy World/ Dimsdale/Going To Crocker's Fortress/ Rescues All The Fairies in Fairy World/ Batlling Crocker At The Big Wand

5. Retroville/Cindy/The Villains Plans/Going In Goddard's Body/ Battling All The Fleas/Battling The Giant Robot Flea In Goddard'Head

6. Calamitous's Doomsday Lab/ The Final Showdown/ Battling Calamitous And The Other Villans/ Stopping The Doomsday Device/ Stops The Doomsday Device/ Saves The Day/Saves The Universe/Saying Goodbyes and Giving Neutron Recallers (Season Finale)

7. Ending Credits

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