Nicktoons: Globs Of Doom

Platforms: Nintendo Wii,Nintendo DS,Playstation 2

Release Date: Tuesday,October 20th, 2008


Developer:Incinerator Studios

1st Time Ever Play As The Villain And The Hero!

Story Plot:For The First Time, You Can Play As Both Good And Evil As You Battle Your Way Through The Game,The Playable Heroes:Spongebob Squarepants,Jimmy Neutron,Jimmy Neutron,Zim And Tak,The Playable Villains:Plankton,Professor Calamitous,Technus And Traloc,An All - New,Slime - Soaked Story Full Of Massive,Adventure,Twists,Turns And Challenges,Maximum Combo - Play With Gadgets And Amplified Abilities Based On Teamwork.Play As The Hero Or The Villain In This Goo - Shaked,Action - Packed Adventure.Battle Your Way Through Nicktoon Universes To Defeat The Evil Globulous And His Morphoid Minions.All 10 Players Have Special Mawgu Gadgets That If Used Together Have Extra Powers. Can Villains And Heroes Work Together?

List Of Episodes

1. Opening/In The Deepest Reaches Of Space/The Invasion Of Globs/The Mawgu Lair/Meeting Tak,Zim,Dib And The 2nd Evil Syndicate

2. Bikini Bottom/Rescues Gary In The Chum Bucket/Rescues Patrick Star And Squidward Tenacles In The Movie Theater/Battling Bubble Bass in The Krusty Krab/Bikini Bottom Is Saved/The Vessel Of Portentia

3. Zim's Town/ Rescues Miss Bitters/ Rescues Proffesor Membrane/Rescues Gaz/Battling GiR In Zim's Town/Zim's Town Is Saved/Found The First Piece Of The Vessel Of Portentia

4. Amity Park/The Ghost Dog/Rescues Tucker/Rescues Jazz/Rescues Dash/Battling The Ghost Dog At Axion Labs/Amity Park Is Saved/Found The Second Piece Of The Vessel Of Portentia

5. Retroville/Mutant Girl - Eating Plant/Rescues Carl/Rescues Sheen And Cindy/Battling The Giant Mutant Girl - Eating Plant At The Mall/Retroville Is Saved/Found The Third Piece Of The Vessel Of Portentia

6. Pupununu/Rescues Jibolba And Jeera/Pupununu Is Saved/Found The Final Piece Of The Vessel Of Portentia/ The Vessel Of Portentia Is Ready

7. Going To Space/Battling Globulous Maximus/Globulous Maximus Changes To The Good Side/Battling The Vessel Of Portentia/The 2nd Evil Syndicate Stay In Space Forver/The Earth Is Saved/SpongeGlob/The End

8. Ending Credits

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