Tim Taylor came onto the set of Tool Time! He was greeted by his assistant Al Borland and Heidi the Tool Time Girl! Heidi had something on her back! It was a guitar case! Heidi opened the case revealing a red electric guitar! Tim said "Heidi, that's a cool guitar! I like it!" Heidi said "Thanks, Tim!" Al said "When did you get that guitar, Heidi?" Heidi said "I got it yesterday!" Al said "Oh! Okay! Well, it's cool!" Heidi said "Thanks!"

Later, during Tool Time, Heidi played her red electric guitar for the first time! She sounded awesome! She rocked! She sounded really good! Heidi impressed Tim, Al, and the audience with her guitar playing skills! 

After Tool Time, Tim went home, where he found his children (Randy, Mark, and Brad) watching The Empire Strikes Back! Tim's wife, Jill, was in the kitchen making dinner! Tim watched The Empire Strikes Back with his children! They watched the scene in which Darth Vader told Luke Skywalker "I am your father!"

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