Neo Amy Rose Is Jonathan The Hedgehog's Sister

Her Outfit Consisted Of An Black Tubetop Which Showed Her Pink Boobs And Stomach Black Jeans, Black Turbo Skates, Black Taped Gloves Her Hairstyle Is That Of Neo Metal Amy Rose Wild Pink Spikes And Quills Going In Different Directions With An Black Hairband Covering It And An Black Leather Jacket She Falls In Love With Jonathan Instantly And Became His 2nd Sister She Joined The Dark Rose Freedom Fighters She Is Known For Her Big Pink Ass Which It Shakes When She Walks Fun Fact: She Is Jonathan's Long Lost Sister And Girlfriend She Has Black Lipstick Lips Her Line Is "Oh Jonathan I Think We're Perfect Together As Long As We're Close"

Early Life And Adventures

Neo Amy Rose And Neo Amy Rose Jr Were Skating Towards The Dark Rose Freedom Fighters's Base In Angel Island When They Met Jonathan The Hedgehog And So They Rush Off

Membership Of The Dark Rose Freedom Fighters

She And Neo Amy Rose Jr Joined The Group Immediately As New Members


Sonic 3 And Knuckles (Full Length Movie)

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