Muggshot's Obstacle Course is a sketch from Random Klips.

Season: 4


Length: ???


Characters: Muggshot , Bentley , Murray , Carmelita , Mz. Ruby , Penelope, Sly Cooper, Dimitri, El Jefe, Vinnie Pinchie

Segment Summary: Muggshot gathers all the criminals up to put them through challenges to break them.

Themes: Military, Injuries , Food & Drink

Allusions: The Sly Cooper Series, "Total Drama Island" Episode "Basic Straining"

Trivia / Info:

  • The second half of the Klip
  • Carmelita attempts to insult Sly by saying that the garbage is the perfect meal for him considering he is a raccoon, which is a fact for real life raccoons.
  • Carmelita's refers to her nickname, "Old Ironsides" given to her by Neyla in Sly 2.
  • Even though Penelope was eliminated in the last challenge, she is running the obstacle course here.
  • Sly says the line he says when Carmelita first appears in Sly 2.


  • [cut to outside, where Muggshot has set up an obstacle course]
  • Muggshot: You will all run this course until you can all complete it in under one minute. Am I making myself clear?
  • Sly: Crystal.
  • Carmelita: If you lose this for us, I'm going to make you so miserable.
  • Muggshot: Go, maggots, go!
  • [They all start running. Carmelita jumps the wall first, Mz. Ruby has some trouble with it while Sly jumps it next. Penelope jumps through the hoop successfully, while Murray gets stuck. Dimitri and Mz. Ruby crawl under the swinging axes. Carmelita swings from the rope. Bentley presses some buttons on his wheelchair to go over the wall, but he knocks against the top and falls out, faceplanting in the mud. He lifts his face up and starts coughing up mud.]
  • Sly: Uh, general crazy, we've got a situation here.
  • Bentley: So...much... [coughs] mud.
  • Muggshot: [lifts Bentley] Ring the bell and report to the infirmary. Your tour of duty is finished. [Murray carries Bentley to his wheelchair]
  • Muggshot: Back on the course, soldiers, now! One false move, and I'll be on you like stink on a poop wagon.
  • Sly: I look forward to it, sir!
  • [they continue]
  • Murray: [straining as he tries to climb the wall, then knocks it over with him]
  • [Carmelita faceplants into the mud, while Penelope hangs upside down as her leg is tied in the rope]'
  • Mz. Ruby: [crawls under swinging axes, but sinks into mud]
  • Sly: [crawling past her] Fallen soldier, I salute you.
  • Muggshot: You just bought yourself 20 more push-ups.
  • Sly: Thank you. [kisses Muggshot's nose]
  • Muggshot: Grrr.....
  • Murray: I think you may have pushed him over the edge, Sly.
  • Sly: [worried] Uhh... I think you're right.
  • Muggshot: One night -- solitary confinement in the boathouse.
  • [Mz. Ruby and Penelope gasp]
  • Sly: Big deal. How bad can it be? [in the boathouse, he looks around him and sees all the sharp objects and sighs] For once, I should have kept my big mouth shut. [wolf howls in distance]
  • [cut to mess hall, where everyone is eating gruel]
  • Carmelita: I'm going to check on him.
  • Murray: You like him.
  • Carmelita: I do not like him.
  • Murray: Uh, yeah you do.
  • Carmelita: Not only do I not like him, I can't stand him. He's an arrogant, smart-mouthed criminal, and he's totally annoying. I'm gonna go check on him. [she gets up, taking her bowl with her]
  • Murray: [to Bentley] She likes him.
  • Carmelita: [shines a flashlight into the cabin] Hello? You in here, Ringtail?
  • Sly: [whistling while sweeping, then throws broom aside] Inspector Fox. As cool and unpredictable as ever.
  • Carmelita: Don't do that.
  • Sly: So, come to claim that kiss?
  • Carmelita: Even raccoons deserve a decent meal other than trash. [she offers him a bowl of gruel]
  • Sly: Mm, no thanks. I'll stick with the bait. [points his thumb over his shoulder at a bucket of worms]
  • Carmelita: [dusts off the crate before sitting on it, while Sly grabs a bucket to sit on] Yeah, well, that's all Muggshot would serve us after our pathetic performance on the obstacle course. [Sly tries to take the spoon out of the bowl, but it's stuck; in fact he's able to hold the whole thing by the spoon's handle] Why do you egg him on like that? [Sly throws the bowl over his shoulder] You know you're going to get in trouble.
  • Sly: Why are you so uptight all the time?
  • Carmelita: I am not uptight.
  • Sly: [chuckles] You always follow rules and regulations and bark at others for not doing the same.
  • Carmelita: I am an officer of the law... which you're always breaking.
  • Sly: It's not like I flooded Venice with tar, or conducted an illegal spice trade.
  • Carmelita: Okay, so you have a point. I guess I'm just Old Ironsides in your books, right?
  • Sly: Maybe.
  • Carmelita: Ugh!
  • Sly: So, then, why do you still try to push rules and regulations?
  • Carmelita: Because not following them gets you thrown into a fish cabin. [points a fish at him]
  • Sly: But I'm in the fish cabin with you, aren't I? And as long as you're on this island, you've punched out of your job. Feel like ditching this stuff for some peanut butter and jam?
  • Carmelita: [chuckles] Are you kidding? All I've had for two days is this gruel. But Muggshot will never give it to us.
  • Sly: See? Now, that's the problem with your thinking. The trick is to not ask for it.
  • Carmelita: Do you have some on you?
  • Sly: No, but I happen to know where to find it. It will involve breaking quite a few rules, though. Are you in? [holds hand up for a high five]
  • Carmelita: Let's do it. [high fives Sly]
  • Sly: Well, all right, then.
  • [cut to outside, where the crickets are chirping. Sly and Carmelita are disguised as bushes tiptoeing toward the tent. They pop their heads out and grin at each other. They are then shown inside the tent, crawling beside the table]
  • Sly: [whispering] Slowly... Slowly crawl.
  • [the fridge door opens, Sly snatches a jar of peanut butter from inside, and puts it in a bag held by Carmelita, then he reaches for a jug]
  • Muggshot: Of us went in the jungle that night.Only five came back out.
  • Carmelita: If we get caught, we are so dead.
  • Vinnie: I mean, come on. I am nothing without my muzzle.
  • Muggshot: Amen, brother.
  • Sly: Are you sure you want to go through with this? [their bag is now full of food]
  • Carmelita: [laughs] Heck, yes. This is the most fun I've had here yet. [she leaves the fish she held earlier as a "calling card"] Though I'd leave them a little something.
  • Sly: Now you're learning. [he takes a last item. Cut to outside where the two run back to the cabin with the bags of food]
  • Carmelita: Whoo-hoo! [laughs]
  • Murray: [eating jam straight from the jar, then looks at his bare foot] Mmm. I think I have jungle rot from that obstacle course. [shows his foot to Penelope]
  • Penelope: Ew. Murray, we're eating here. [chuckles to Mz. Ruby] and what is with all those lame war stories? He is so demented.
  • Mz. Ruby: Girl, these claws were not meant for combat training. Know what I'm saying?
  • Penelope: Seriously. If I wanted to join the army, I would have.
  • Bentley: [opens the peanut butter jar, but spills peanut butter on his bed] Ah? Gross...
  • Sly: Now, see, that's a waste of good peanut butter.

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