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Michelle The Hedgehog Is Jonathan The Hedgehog's Younger Sister She Wears An Red T-Shirt Under Her Black Tanktop Which Shows Her Stomach Light Blue Shorts Black/White Boots, Black Taped Gloves And An Dark Blue Jacket With Light Blue Sleeves She Is Yellow Furred With Short Golden Hair With Long Yellow Spikes And Short Yellow/Brown Ears And Dark Brown Mouth She Is His True Love And Girlfriend

About Michelle

Michelle Grew Up In Mercia But Moved To Mobius When Michelle Was 16 Years Old It Was There That Michelle Met Her Best Friends Titania The Hedgehog, Mariah The Hedgehog, Sunset Eclipse The Hedgehog, Spinda The Echidna, Jessica The Hedgehog, Bunnie Rabbot, Jessica Rabbot, Michelle Rabbot, Willow The Hedgehog, Julie The Hedgehog, Cora The Hedgehog, Anna The Hedgehog, Shade The Hedgehog, Hannah The Hedgehog, Maria The Hedgehog, Kirlia The Hedgehog, Katie The Hedgehog, Rose The Rascal, Rosette The Rascal, Missy The Rascal, Rosy The Rascal, Katie The Hedgehog, Kirsten The Hedgehog And Jennie The Hedgehog Together They Formed The Hedgehog Society Which She Is The Leader Of They Specialize In Attacking Enemies They Did Relocate To Westopolis During Robotnik's Rule Of Mobius They Were Also Aided By Shade The Echidna, Mirage The Echidna, Reality The Echidna And Emily The Hedgehog And Kirsten The Hedgehog

Protecting Mobius

The Hedgehog Society Were Called Upon To Protect Mobius Michelle And Her Friends Were Ready To Attack And Defend Mobius At Any Cost By Attacking Enemies

Relationship And Interactions With Other Characters

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Amy Rose-Michelle Is Great Friends With Amy Who Wore Her Ski Tanktop Which Showed Her Boobs And Stomach She Had An Black Belt With An A On It She Wore Grey Shorts And Her Pink/White Boots She Would Later Join Michelle's Cause As She Joined The Hedgehog Society


The Hedgehog Society: The Best Team Around