Female metal by m3talson1c-d625m2q

Metal Sonica 2.0 Is An Upgrade Over Metal Sonica She Has Dark Blue Spikes With White Quills She Has Orange Eyes With Black Irises She Wears An Yellow Tubetop Which Shows Her Dark Blue Stomach An Black Belt With White Circles On It Dark Blue Jeans Which Show Her Dark Blue Tail It Has The Letter M On It She Wears Red/White Sneakers She Has Grey Hands She Is Dark Blue Furred She Is Jonathan's Girlfriend Female Metal Sonic 3.0 Also Looks Like This Female Metal Sonic 4.0 And 5.0 Play Into The Story As Well She Loves To Help Out And She Has An Huge Sense Of Humor And Has An Great Personality And High IQ Of 900 She Says She Is Prone To Making Out With Jonathan


She Was Born Into An Metal Female Family That Is Known For It's Highly Advanced Technology And Powers

History And Creation

When Metal Sonica 2.0 Awakened In Jonathan's Lab In Aquatic Base She Hopped From The Operation Table She Immediately Found Jonathan And Asked Him About The Whereabouts Of The Map Jonathan Led Metal Sonica 2.0 To His Base Of Operations Where His Map Is Seen

Helping Jonathan

Jonathan Asked Metal Sonica 2.0 To Get Her Female Friends And Bring Them Over To His Base Metal Sonica 2.0 Agreed To Help Him

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