Metal Amy by Hyper Shan

Metal Amy Rose As She Appears In Jonathan The Hedgehog: Origins She Has Pink Metallic Fur But Different Quill And Spike Design She Has Red Eyes And Black Eyelids She Is From An Alternate Version Of Mobius Prime Where Amy Rose Smiled And Said She Was Willing To To Roboticize Herself And So Jonathan Took It Upon Himself To Roboticized Her She Was More Happy As Before And Has An Bigger Sense Of Humor Her Mother Is In Fact Neo Metal Amy Rose Her Family Consists Of Metal Rachael Rose, Metal Amy Rose Jr, Metal Jessica Rose, Metal Kathleen Rose, Metal Angelina Rose And Metal Elizabeth Rose And Metal Samantha Rose Neo Metal Amy Rose Also Reveals That Jonathan Is In Fact Her Adoptive Son She Is Extremely Powerful And Invincible

Involvement With Jonathan The Hedgehog

Metal Amy Rose Sees Jonathan Speeding Towards The Base And Metal Amy Rose Decided To Follow Him Before She Could Go Any Further She Decided To Upgrade Herself Immediately In Which She Upgrades Herself Heavily And Follows Jonathan Around As His Personal Friend

The Metal Rose Family's First Attacks On Eggman

Neo Metal Amy Rose Led Her Family Into Battle Meanwhile Metal Amy Rose Was Trying To Figure Out How To Activate The Gender Swapper She Finally Got It To Work And Jonathan Was Instantly Turned Into Metal Amanda Rose And They Jetted Off Together To Fight Eggman's Forces Metal Amy Rose And The Metal Rose Family Successfully Defeats The Forces And Escapes Back To Their Newly Built Base In Mobius

Features And Specifications

Built In Lasers

Powerful Abilities And Powers

Built In Shield

Intelligence (900 IQ)


Jonathan The Hedgehog: Origins


Metal Amy Rose Is Technically Considered Jonathan's Creation She Is Listed At 5"8 And Weighs 175 Ibs

Her Team Name Is Team Metal With Neo Metal Amy Rose (Speed) And Her Daughters Speed And Power Respectively

She Says Her Favorite Gaming Console Is The Xbox 360

Although She Is From The Future Metal Amy Rose Possesses The Ability To Travel Through Time Using Her Pink Chaos Emerald

She Appeared On The Cover Of The Gaming Magazine (1993) With Metal Amanda Rose And Metal Rose Family On The Cover

Metal Amy Rose And Her Family Are All Intelligent (900 IQ)

Metal Amy Rose Also Appeared In The 1996 OVA The Classic Team OVA As Herself/Hyper Metal Amy Rose

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