Captain Hikaru Sulu took the USS Excelsior near the Klingon border when the moon Praxis exploded. The explosion opened a temporal vortex in which the Super Star Destroyer Executor emerged. The Klingons attacked her with 3 K'Tinga-class battle cruisers and she destroyed all 3 but suffered bad damage. Sulu reported the incident to Starfleet, which sent the entire Federation First Fleet to intercept her. A fierce battle ensued in which 6 Federation ships were destroyed and another 10 suffered bad damage. The Executor was not so lucky. She was destroyed with all hands lost, except for Darth Vader, who escaped in his TIE Advanced fighter. He landed on Rigel XI. A second temporal vortex opened and 3 Rebel ships appeared and they hailed the Federation Fleet. The Rebels wanted to know where Vader's TIE Fighter went. The Admiral who was in command of of the USS Constitution said that his last known warp signature took him to the Rigel star system. The Rebels went and searched all 12 planets of Rigel. They located a TIE Fighter on Rigel XI. The Rebels landed there, led by General Han Solo, Luke Skywalker, Biggs Darklighter, and the armies of the Rebel Alliance. They found Vader and Luke battled him. Distracted, Han hit his good hand with a blaster, severing it. Luke cut off his robotic arm and Vader was armless but still dangerous. He used the Force to escape in a Rebel Y-Wing fighter. But the USS Enterprise-A, commanded by Captain James T. Kirk, fired 2 photon torpedoes at the Y-Wing, vaporizing it and killed Vader. The Rebels were elated but said that they had to get back to their universe. With Spock's assistance, the Rebels opened another temporal vortex and the Rebel ships went through it and into their own universe. Peace was restored to both universes.