Main Characters (The Female Sonic Girls)

Melody The Hedgehog-She Has Long Dark Blue Hair Which Is In A Ponytail With Her Bangs All Over The Place She Wears An Sailor's Shirt Which Showed Her Boobs And Dark Blue Stomach Light Blue Skirt And Light Blue Boots She Wore White Gloves With Rings On It

Jessica The Hedgehog-She Is Dark Blue Her Hair Is Longer She Wears An Dark Green T-Shirt Which Showed Her Boobs And Dark Blue Stomach Light Blue Jeans And Black Shoes She Wore White Gloves

Sonica The Hedgehog-She Is Aqua Blue Furred She Wears An Dark Blue Tubetop With An Aqua Blue Skull On It Which Shows Her Boobs And Aqua Blue Stomach Black/Dark Blue Skirt Black/Aqua Blue Leather Pants Dark Blue/Aqua Blue Shoes She Has Dark Blue Armbands She Has Long Aqua Blue Hair

Midlight The Hedgehog-She Is An Aqua Blue Furred Female Hedgehog With Aqua Blue Fur And Dark Blue Quills She Has Black/Dark Blue Quills She Has Red Eyes With Black Irises She Wears An Dark Blue Tubetop Which Showed Her Boobs And Aqua Blue Stomach Dark Blue Leather Pants And White/Black Shoes She Is The Younger Sister Of Melody, Jessica, Sonica And Katie The Hedgehog

Katie The Hedgehog-She Is Dark Blue Furred Wears An Dark Grey Tanktop Showing Her Dark Blue Stomach She Wears Dark Grey Shorts, Red/White Sneakers And Wore White Gloves

All Sonic Villains

Scene 1: The Adventure Begins (1991)

  • On Christmas Island 1991*

Melody The Hedgehog: *Speeding Through Green Hill Zone* *Stops* Wait What's Going On Down There

Jessica The Hedgehog: Hmm I'm Thinking That Robotnik Is Roboticizing The Animals Into Badniks

Sonica The Hedgehog: Oh No!!!!! That's Horrible

Midlight The Hedgehog: Oh Dear This Can Get Bad Fast

Katie The Hedgehog: Not Unless We Stop This

Melody The Hedgehog: Right Come On Girls Let's Rock

Jessica The Hedgehog: Time To Party Girl Power Style

Sonica The Hedgehog: Yeah!!!

Midlight The Hedgehog: Yeah!!!

Katie The Hedgehog: Yeah!!!!

  • They Sped Off*

Melody The Hedgehog: We Should Be There Soon

Jessica The Hedgehog: I Can't Wait To Pounce On The Badniks Cause My Big Dark Blue Ass Can Smash Them Into Bits And I'm Sexy *Smiles*

Sonica The Hedgehog: I'm All About The Speed

Midlight The Hedgehog: I'm About Finding Hidden Paths

Katie The Hedgehog: I'm About Experimenting With Moves And Combinations

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