The MegaBeasts are robotic animals that appear in Project Techron. Their spirits are stored inside small SD card-like devices called Mega Chips, which Techron uses by inserting them into his Mega Tector. They allow Techron to summon the MegaBeasts' special abilties.

List of MegaBeasts (in alphabetical order)

Mega Antelope

See also: GaoRyx

The Mega Antelope is an antelope-like MegaBeast.

Mega Ape

See also: GaoApe

The Mega Ape is an ape-like MegaBeast. No type of ape mentioned though.

Mega Badger

See also: GaoRaccoon

The Mega Badger is a European badger-like MegaBeast.

Mega Bat

See also: GaoBat

There are two versions of the Mega Bat. The good version of the Mega Bat splits to form a right arm & wings for Techron.

Mega Bear

See also: GaoCrescent

The Mega Bear is a black bear-like MegaBeast.

Mega Beaver

See also: GaoBeaver

The Mega Beaver is a beaver-like MegaBeast.

Mega Boar

See also: GaoBoar

The Mega Boar is a boar-like MegaBeast that has a spinning joint located in its forehead & pulls a cart that is equipped with two large cannons & carries a pair of drill attachments. A drill can be attached to the joint in the Mega Boar's forehead. the Mega Boar becomes a left arm for Techron with a drill attached, with the cart becoming back-mounted shoulder cannons. For an alternate combination, the Mega Boar can form the left arm for Techron while the cart forms the back, helmet upgrade, & shoulder cannons.

Mega Carp

See also: GaoCarp The Mega Carp is a carp-like MegaBeast.

Mega Chameleon

See also: GaoChameleon

The Mega Chameleon is a chameleon-like MegaBeast.

Mega Cheetah

See also: GaoCheetah

The Mega Cheetah is a cheetah-like MegaBeast.

Mega Cobra

See also: GaoCobra

The Mega Cobra is a cobra-like MegaBeast that can attach to Techron's right foot. It can roll into a ball & unravel into a cobra.  

Mega Cougar

See also: GaoCougar

The Mega Cougar is a cougar-like MegaBeast.

Mega Coyote

See also: GaoCoyote

The Mega Coyote is a coyote-like MegaBeast.

Mega Cow

See also: GaoGaur

The Mega Cow is a cow-like MegaBeast.

Mega Crane

See also: GaoKark

The Mega Crane is a crane-like MegaBeast.

Mega Crocodile

See also: GaoDile

The Mega Crocodile is a crocodile-like MegaBeast. It forms the torso, legs, & shoulder cannons for Techron.

Mega Crow

See also: GaoCrow

The Mega Crow is a crow-like MegaBeast.

Mega Dolphin

See also: GaoDolphin

The Mega Dolphin is a dolphin-like MegaBeast.

Mega Donkey

See also: GaoDonkey

The Mega Donkey is a donkey-like MegaBeast.

Mega Dugong

See also: GaoDugong

The Mega Dugong is a dugong-like MegaBeast.

Mega Eel

See also: GaoEel

The Mega Eel is an eel-like MegaBeast.

Mega Flamingo

See also: GaoMingo

The Mega Flamingo is a flamingo-like MegaBeast.

Mega Fox

See also: GaoFox

The Mega Fox is a fox-like MegaBeast.

Mega Glider

See also: GaoGlider

The Mega Glider is a flying squirrel-like MegaBeast.

Mega Goat

See also: GaoGoat

The Mega Goat is a goat-like MegaBeast.

Mega Gorilla


Mega Gorilla

See also: GaoKong

The Mega Gorilla is a red gorilla-like MegaBeast that is the guardian of an island Peter, Aggie, & Data were whisked to. It was awakened from the volcano it slept in when the two pieces of the ruby were joined on an alter during three simultaneous eclipses. It attacks with flaming palm trees. It can combine with Techron to form enchanced arms & chest.

Mega Hamster

See also: GaoHamster

The Mega Hamster is a hamster-like MegaBeast.

Mega Hawk

See also: GaoHawk

The Mega Hawk is a hawk-like MegaBeast.

Mega Hedgehog

See also: GaoHedgehog

The Mega Hedgehog is a hedgehog-like MegaBeast.

Mega Hippo

See also: GaoPotamus

The Mega Hippo is a hippopotamus-like MegaBeast.

Mega Hound

See also: GaoHound

The Mega Hound is a hound-like MegaBeast.

Mega Jackal

See also: GaoJackal

The Mega Jackal is a jackal-like MegaBeast.

Mega Kangaroo

See also: GaoKangaroo

The Mega Kangaroo is a kangaroo-like MegaBeast. It presumably resembles the Mega Wallaby.

Mega Koala

See also: GaoKoala

The Mega Koala is a koala-like MegaBeast.

Mega Lizard

See also: GaoLizard

The Mega Lizard is a lizard-like MegaBeast.

Mega Lynx

See also: GaoLynx

The Mega Lynx is a lynx-like MegaBeast.

Mega Mammoth

See also: GaoMammoth

The Mega Mammoth is a very large mammoth-like MegaBeast that can pull a large platform. It can transform into a centaur-like mode.

Mega Manta & Mini-Manta

See also: GaoManta & Mini Manta

The Mega Manta & the Mini-Manta are manta ray-like MegaBeasts. Both the Mega Manta & the Mini-Manta are shown separated as well as in combinations. The Mega Manta attaches to Techron's back with its detached tail forming a large sword held in his arm. The Mini-Manta's placement, if any, on this combination is not visible nor mentioned. An alternate combination for Techron is in which the Mega Manta enhances his thorax & legs while the Mini-Manta forms the chestplate.

Mega Mink

See also: GaoMink

The Mega Mink is a mink-like MegaBeast.

Mega Mole

See also: GaoMole

The Mega Mole is a mole-like MegaBeast that attaches to the spinning mechanism of the Mega Swallow's arm form to create combinations for Techron. It also forms the right leg of Mega Mercury.

Mega Mongoose

See also: GaoMongoose

The Mega Mongoose is a mongoose-like MegaBeast.

Mega Orangutan

See also: GaoUtan

The Mega Orangutan is an orangutan-like MegaBeast. It is a brown version of the Mega Gorilla.

Mega Orca

See also: GaoGrampus

The Mega Orca is an orca-like MegaBeast.

Mega Ostrich


Mega Ostrich

See also: Mystic Brothers

The Mega Ostrich is an ostrich-like MegaBeast that is the only MegaBeast under the possesion of Aggie & Data. To attack, the Mega Ostrich kicks its egg at enemies like a soccer ball & can also fire energy bolts from its beak. The Mega Ostrich can also combine with Hyper Data to form Hyper Data Hover Mode.

Mega Owl

See also: Gao Owl

The Mega Owl is an owl-like MegaBeast.

Mega Panda


Mega Panda

See also: GaoPanda

The Mega Panda is a panda-like MegaBeast. It can run 80 kilometers per hour on top of snow. Its weapons are its claws, & it can also has a special attack in which it can shoot bamboos from its mouth.

Mega Pangolin

See also: GaoFangolin

The Mega Pangolin is a pangolin-like MegaBeast.

Mega Panther

See also: GaoPanther

The Mega Panther is a panther-like MegaBeast.

Mega Pelican

See also: GaoPelican

The Mega Pelican is a pelican-like MegaBeast.

Mega Penguin

See also: GaoPenguin

The Mega Penguin is a penguin-like MegaBeast that attaches to the spinning mechanism of the Mega Swallow's arm form to create combinations for Techron. It also forms the left leg of Mega Mercury.

Mega Prairie

See also: GaoPrairie

The Mega Prairie is a prairie dog-like MegaBeast.

Mega Rabbit

See also: GaoRabbit

The Mega Rabbit is a rabbit-like MegaBeast.

Mega Reindeer

See also: GaoRednose

The Mega Reindeer is a reindeer-like MegaBeast.

Mega R-Panda

See also: GaoLesser

The Mega R-Panda is a red panda-like MegaBeast.

Mega Salamander

See also: GaoSalamander

The Mega Salamander is a salamander-like MegaBeast.

Mega Seal

See also: GaoSeal

The Mega Seal is a seal-like MegaBeast.

Mega Serpent

See also: GaoSerpent

The Mega Serpent is a sea snake-like MegaBeast.

Mega Shark

See also: GaoJaws

The Mega Shark is a great white shark-like MegaBeast that can form the left arm for Techron.

Mega Sheep

See also: GaoSheep

The Mega Sheep is a sheep-like MegaBeast.

Mega Skunk

See also: GaoSkunk

The Mega Skunk is a skunk-like MegaBeast.

Mega Sloth

See also: GaoSloth

The Mega Sloth is a sloth-like MegaBeast.

Mega Snake

See also: GaoSnake

The Mega Snake is a snake-like MegaBeast.

Mega Swallow

See also: GaoSwallow

The Mega Swallow is a swallow-like MegaBeast that forms a right arm for Techron with a spinning action that launches a boomerang weapon. It forms the torso, arms, & head of Mega Mercury.  

Mega Swan

See also: GaoSwan

The Mega Swan is a swan-like MegaBeast.  

Mega Toad

See also: GaoToad

The Mega Toad is a toad-like MegaBeast.

Mega Tortoise

See also: GaoTortoise

The Mega Tortoise is a tortoise-like MegaBeast that forms the left arm for Techron.

Mega Turtle

See also: GaoTurtle

The Mega Turtle is a turtle-like MegaBeast.

Mega Wallaby & Mini-Wallaby

See also: GaoWallaby & KoWallaby

The Mega Wallaby is apparently an adult female wallaby-like MegaBeast with a pouch, & carries the Mini-Wallaby. The Mega Wallaby forms shoulder cannons & a left gauntlet for Techron & the Mini-Wallaby forms a right gauntlet/cannon on the combination. An alternate combination for Techron is in which the Mega Wallaby forms both the torso armor & leg enhancements & the Mini-Wallaby upgrades the head.

Mega Walrus

See also: GaoToppy

The Mega Walrus is a walrus-like MegaBeast that forms the right arm for Techron.

Mega Whale

See also: GaoWhale

The Mega Whale is a whale-like MegaBeast.

Mega Wolf

See also: GaoHowl

The Mega Wolf is a wolf-like MegaBeast.

Mega Wombat

See also: GaoWombat

The Mega Wombat is a wombat-like MegaBeast.

Mega Vulture

See also: GaoVulture

The Mega Vulture is a vulture-like MegaBeast.

Mega Zebra

See also: GaoZebra

The Mega Zebra is a zebra-like MegaBeast.


  • All the MegaBeasts (except the Mega Ostrich) are based on the unseen Power Animals from Hyakujuu Sentai Gaoranger. The Mega Ostrich is based on the Mystic Brothers from Tensou Sentai Goseiger.

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