Mayhem wallpaper by an7hro-d3fsben

Mayhem The Dolphin (Often Referred As Mayhem Dolphin) Is Jonathan's Faithful Companion And Sidekick She Had Dark Pink/Black Long Hair Had An Light Yellow And Pink Headphones On Her Head She Wore An Light Yellow/Grey Vest Showing Her Boobs And Grey Stomach She Wore Dark Grey And Light Yellow Leather Pants With Lightning Bolt Belt Around Her Waist And Dark Pink, Yellow And White Shoes She Had An Dolphin Tail She Has An Huge Sense Of Humor And Loves To Laugh Her Butt Off She Surprisingly Talks Normal And Had An Extremely Sexy Voice That Attracted Jonathan's Attention She Had Yellow Eyes With Black Irises She Had Pink Eyeliner And Had Yellow/Black Elbow Bands On Her Arms And Had Pink Fingernails

Mayhem Dolphin's Biography

Mayhem Was An Princess And An Skilled Fighter As Well She Is Often Used As Jonathan's Transportation Since Jonathan's Car Was Destroyed By Robotnik Once They Arrived At Mayhem's Water Kingdom Jonathan Suddenly Turns Into Jessica Dolphin (Who Wore The Exact Same Clothes As Mayhem) Along Came Mayhem's 2 Energetic Sisters Marianna Dolphin And Ashley Dolphin And Together They Lived In Mayhem's Water Kingdom They Adopted Nicole Dolphin Too Along With Maggie Dolphin

Formation Of The Dolphin Kingdom Freedom Fighters

Since They Reside Underwater The 5 Female Dolphins (Mayhem, Jessica, Marianna, Ashley, Nicole And Maggie Dolphin) Formed The Dolphin Kingdom Freedom Fighters Each Of Them Possessing Unique Abilities That Makes Them Different

Taking On Robotnik's Badniks

The Female Dolphins Then Proceed To Take On Badniks As They Use Their Fists To Combat Them

Powers And Abilities

Mayhem Packs An Powerful Punch Cause She Has Many Abilities That Can Be Useful To Her Including Heat Vision, Laser Blast And Super Strength

Comic Book Appearances

She Appeared In Mayhem The Dolphin (Archie Comics) Which Shows The 5 Female Dolphin Princesses (Mayhem, Jessica, Marianna, Ashley, Nicole And Maggie Dolphin) Living In Their Water Kingdom Fighting And Preserving Mobius


Mayhem's Favorite Food Is Hamburgers

Maggie Dolphin Is Incredibly Bright Along With Jessica, Marianna, Ashley, Nicole And Mayhem Herself

They Are Great Swimmers Because Of Their Appearance

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