Max the Axle was an old grease monkey who worked at Don's Garage. One day, Mr. Jameson came in with his 1963 Corvette and told Max that he needed a front end alignment. Max was confused and thought he wanted a new exhaust system. So he replaced all of his exhaust parts and the bill was $160.00. Max blew a gasket. He told Don that he wanted an alignment not an exhaust system. Don said that he was sorry but it still owed him the money. Mr. Jameson went to his spare car and came back with his .357 and said "I ain't paying for Jack and you will align my front end NOW!" They told him "Take it easy. We will do your car right away." They fixed his alignment and charged him $400.00. He said OK and paid the $400.00. But Max said "You still owe me for the exhaust system." Jameson shot Max 3 times and said "Paid in full" and drove off. The police arrested Jameson and charged him with murder. Jameson was convicted and sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole. He is now Bubba's Butt Buddy!

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