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Matthew Wright was a mentioned character in the Jurassic Park fanfction Corruption and its sequel Dinosaur Liberation Association.

Before Corruption

Matthew led a team on Isla Sorna in charge of creating a supperraptor, designed to be the perfect killer. The superraptor was let loose during the mass evacuation of the island.

Feeling the supperraptor was a liability, Matthew went back to kill it, only to be attacked himself. He managed to send a distress call to his brother Julius, who came to his rescue.

Unfortunately, Julius was ambushed. Matthew distracted the raptors so Julius could escape. Julius swore revenge on the raptors that killed his brother.


  • There exists a character named Matt Wright who appears in the story Jurassic Park Beginnings, taking place before the incident. Although this was originally meant as a special cameo appearance for those who have read the other story, he has since become a recurring character.

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