Matthew Kennedy is on Original Character in the Family Guy Fanfic The Spellbook.

Matthew Kennedy

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Hair Color
Dark brown
Delivery boy
Meg Griffin-Kennedy(wife), Rose Mary Kennedy(daughter), Sophie Kennedy(little sister), Bruce Kennedy(father)


Matt stands about 5' 10" tall and is presumed to weigh between 140-160 pounds. He is usually seen wearing blue shorts, white sneakers, and a black sleeveless shirt. However, he on occasion wears a Super-Hero jumpsuit with a tornado emblazoned on the front.


Matthew Stephen "Matt" Kennedy used to live in Minnesota before The Spellbook begins. He moved to Quahog in The First Spells, where he meets Meg. They start to date, and their continuing plotline culminates in Matt getting her pregnant via a broken diaphragm, then marrying her.

Matt appears in minor and supporting roles throughout the rest of the story. Usually as the straight man, or a dialogue feed.


Matt's personality is undefined. One gimmick in the early chapters of The Spellbook is that Matt appeared to be a different person in each chapter based on how he interacted with the rest of the family. In later chapters of The Spellbook, he has started to act more in step with Zack Murdock.

Matt shows awkwardness a times, and a little lacking in self-confidence. This was shown in one episode where he was asked to cheer up a crossed over Maddie Murdock and was unable to do so, losing her in the process. Meg has shown to have little confidence in him too, being very reluctant to allow him to help with her magical problems.

Matt shows a fondness for Pop Music, being one of Meg Griffin's biggest fans before moving to Quahog. Also, when asked who he would rather do (Beyonce or Shakira) he chose Shakira.

Matt aspires to join the SWAT team one day.

Magical Powers

When confronted with the Doom Knight, Meg allowed Matt to help her by giving him the ability to manipulate the wind. He can create small tornados, channel wind tunnels, and make objects fly across rooms. Matt kept the powers after the episode ended.

Said powers are based on Red Tornado, a superhero from the DC universe.


  • Matt shows a hatred of World of Warcraft, to the point of destroying the TV with a machine gun when a WoW commercial aired.
  • Matt is extremely skilled at controlling his anger, preferring to let it out in rare, yet powerful, bursts.
  • Full Punctuation, a review fic run by Material, previously had the habit of critisizing Matt's personality direction. This stopped shortly after Matt and Meg's confrontation with the Doom Knight.
  • Tanadra, Ander's Betareader, occasionally re-works dialogue in her editing to give Matt a more active role in episodes. It is unknown if this is noticed by Ander.