A sequel to the short-lived Power Rangers spinoff Masked Rider. Just like the first one was adapted from Kamen Rider Black RX, this one is adapted from Kamen Rider Kabuto.

Short Synopsis

Thirty years after Count Dregon's defeat, Jax learns that his father Dex was the legendary Masked Rider! The next day, on Jax's 13th Birthday, he receives the Alter Ring, which transforms him into an all-new Masked Rider: Masked Rider Zeta!


Character Title Motif Rank
Jax Masked Rider Zeta Goliath beetle Team leader
Mike Masked Rider Gamma Stag beetle Second-in-Command
Tanner Masked Rider Delta Dragonfly
Kyle Masked Rider Omicron Scorpion
Lisa Masked Rider Beta Bee
Stefan Masked Rider Upsilon Grasshopper
Kayla Masked Rider Epsilon Grasshopper
Masked Rider Shadow Alpha Goliath beetle