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Mary Baxter was the Special Agent in Charge of CTU Detroit during Day 1.

Day 1

Mary Baxter was commonly seem a boring by-the-book leader, a reputation she kept as she assigned the team their new mission: to protect a pop star named Alexis Texas. Both Joey Kaplan and Andy McDermott voiced their disapprovement, but the mission was on anyways.

Later, Mary received a mysterious call saying that what she wanted was ready and she needed to pick it up immediately. Mary snuck out of the building and left for the rendezvous point.

Mary met up with a man named Louis and ordered him to hand over a prescription. Louis stalled, but eventually handed it over. Mary returned to her car and left for CTU.

Mary returned to see Chad Crenzler in her office. She was ousted from power and Chad gave an embarrassing speech about her. In return, she kicked another agent out his chair and began to work on the main floor. She worked ten times faster than everyone else even getting the information on Paolo Luteni and the Gardner virus before anyone else.

Mary discovered a possible link between Jake Haskell's kidnapper Hamilton Sorel and Paolo Luteni, but was ordered not to look into it without any facts. Mary took the Texas family to the waiting room and later convinced Andy to let Jake Haskell talk to Paolo Luteni.

Mary accompanied Andy McDermott to the home of Lily Maneta, a scientist who worked with Lawrence Gardner. Up[on arrival, Lily attacked Mary, but Andy subdued her. Mary took part in the sting operation to capture two mercenaries who had set up outside of Maneta's house. Howard Grant agreed to take them to Gardner's former office.


Day 1

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