Maria-Ca The Echidna: Hi There This Is One Of My Works Submitted For The 1995 Film Festival Which Garnered 13 Awards

Main Cast

Kirsten Dunst As Maria-Ca The Echidna-Maria Wears An Green Tubetop Which Shows Her Boobs And Aqua Blue Stomach, Dark Brown Shorts And Green Sandals She Has Longer Hair (Aqua Blue) Maria-Ca The Echidna Forms The New Chaotix With Her Daughters, Julie-Su The Echidna And Young Julie-Su The Echidna During This Formation They Added Angela The Hedgehog, Rosy The Rascal And Rosy The Rascal Jr Into The Group As Power Members Rosy And Rosy Jr Use Their Fighting Skills To Round The Group Out However Nicole The Hedgehog And Lixes The Hedgehog Were Added

Nicole Swisher As Julie-Su The Echidna (Younger Version)

Kimberly Brown As Danielle-Ca The Echidna/Laura-Ca/Jennifer-Ca/Elizabeth-Ca/Julie-Ca And Melissa-Ca The Echidna-They All Wear Green Tubetops Which Show Their Boobs And Aqua Blue Stomach Dark Brown Shorts And Green Sandals

Dawn Wilson As Priscilla-Ca The Echidna-She Wears An Green Tubetop Which Showed Her Aqua Blue Stomach And Boobs Dark Brown Shorts And Green Sandals Priscilla-Ca Is One Of Jonathan The Hedgehog's Allies He Meets Throughout The Series

Julie Swan/Julie Andrews As Angela The Hedgehog/Darkness Angela The Hedgehog-An All Powerful Female Hedgehog Who Wore The Same Outfit As Priscilla-Ca The Echidna She Is Aqua Blue Furred With Powerful Abilities She Remained Loyal To Robotnik Until She Fought Jonathan In His Ultimate Form Angela Choked Up And Hugged Jonathan Which Made Robotnik Mad And He Ordered Her To Kill Jonathan The Hedgehog Angela Decided To Not To Obey Him Which Angela Crouched Down And An Black Darkness Aurora Surrounded Her Which Resulted In An Large Explosion Which Reveals Darkness Angela The Hedgehog Who Immediately Becomes More Powerful After Her Black Aurora Was Flashing Unlike Angela Who Has An Cute Voice (Julie Swan) She Now Has An Deeper Voice (Julie Andrews) She Tells Jonathan To Stand Back Which He Does Darkness Angela The Hedgehog Unleashed Her Big Dark Beam Ball And Threw It At Robotnik Which Exploded And Knocking Him Out Cold Darkness Angela For The First Time Hugged Ultimate Jonathan The Hedgehog Which Shows Her True Friendship With Jonathan Darkness Angela Reminds Jonathan That She Is Used For Good Not For Evil Angela Tends To Bend Over And Her Aqua Blue Butt Showed

Carmen Electra As Maria Robotnik/Maria The Hedgehog/Rosy The Rascal Jr/Shade The Echidna/Julie-Su The Echidna/Lara-Su The Echidna (Jani-Ca) -Rosy Jr Looks Like Rosy And Wears The Same Outfit As Her Has The Same Hairstyle And Makeup As Rosy She Is Also 6"5 And Is Also Muscular

Cameron Diaz As Lixes The Hedgehog-For The First Time We See Lixes In Sonic Underground As Jonathan's Mother Trying To Re-Locate Her Son To A Safe Place Both Lixes And Jonathan Took On Robotnik's Minions With Jonathan Practically Doing The Work While Lixes Uses Her Laser Ray Gun To Take Out The Minions Oddly Jonathan's Super Form Is Activated By The Master Emerald Lixes Also Has An Super Form Much Like Jonathan's Himself Only Her Super Form Name Is "Ultimate Lixes The Hedgehog 2" Who Had Longer Yellow Hair (Spikes And Quills) And Worn Her Black Tanktop Which Showed Her Huge Boobs And Yellow Stomach Ironically Her Eye Color Is Purple Whereas Jonathan's Is Red Her Super Form Is Also Activated By The Master Emerald Fun Fact About Lixes: Lixes Is Yellow Furred And She Has Wavy Long Hair With Her Spikes Pointing Downward

Long John Baldry As Dr. Robotnik

Ryan Drummond As Mecha Metal Sonic (Red Big Metaliix)

Scene 1: Getting The Chaos Rings

  • On Angel Island*

Priscilla-Ca The Echidna: Ah An Peaceful Day For The Chaotix Don't You Agree

Rosy The Rascal: Yes It Is

Nicole The Hedgehog: *Sits Next To Them* I Agree

Young Julie-Su The Echidna: Robotnik's Turning Animals Into Badniks

Priscilla-Ca The Echidna: Oh Dear That's Bad

Rosy The Rascal Jr: Oh My God We Must Do Something

Priscilla-Ca The Echidna: *Smiles* It's Time To Leap Into Action!!!!

Danielle-Ca The Echidna: Yeah!!!!

Julie-Ca The Echidna: Yeah!!!

Nicole The Hedgehog: Yay!!!!

Rosy The Rascal: Let's Do It

  • They Speed Off*

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