Councillor Duras looked up from the computer console on his desk at the sound of the door-chime and barked out "Enter!" The door to his chamber clanged open to admit a tall male warrior, one whom Duras instantly recognized. "Kruge, ngo' jupwI'!" he exclaimed joyfully, rising from his seat. "It is good to see you!" Laughing, they both slammed their foreheads violently together in the old greeting of friends.

"It has been too long, Duras," Kruge said. "Commanding the Katai takes me far from home for long periods. As soon as I received your message, I wasted no time in coming to Qo'noS."

"I did not wish to speak with you over a comm system," Duras told him. "This is much better. Be seated, and I will provide us with some refreshment!" They were both shortly feasting over bowls of Rokeg blood pie and cups of warnog, and discussing their recent fortunes. "So, Kruge, how goes life on board the Katai?" Duras asked. "I hear you fought the Kinshaya recently at Pagh."

"It was a worthy battle," replied Kruge. "We destroyed the wretches, but at the cost of my first and second officers. Their replacements came on board some months ago at Buruk. Torg and Maltz are fine yaSpu', although Maltz is somewhat lacking in aggression and physical prowess. But he is loyal."

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