Teen maggie by cxkrfhdarkwolf66-d3i0mp5.png

Maggie As She Appears At 16 Years Old Standing At 6"5 And Weighs 190 Pounds She Wears Her Casual Clothing More Often Than Not She Would Wear An Black Tubetop Which Showed Her Boobs And Stomach Dark Red Jeans And Black/White Sneakers That Would Be Her Permanent Clothes

About Teenage Maggie

Maggie Grew Up On South Island Of Mobius She Is The Youngest Of The Simpson Family She Moved To South Island For One Purpose And That Was To Set Up Her Own Freedom Fighter Group Which Ultimately Featured Lisa Simpson, Zia Simpson, Yvonne The Hedgehog, Julie The Hedgehog, Shade The Hedgehog And Cassie The Hedgehog And Rachael Simpson Once The Hedgehogs Were Turned Into Robians Cassie Simpson, Stephanie Simpson And Alicia Simpson Joined The Group And That Made Teenager Maggie The Official Leader Along Came Maggie Simpson Now There Was 2 Versions Of Maggie Simpson Both Maggies Look At Each Other Puzzled And Confused This Roster Would Be The Permanant Roster

Receiving Proper Training

Amazingly Teenager Maggie Trained Herself In The Dojo As A Result She Picked Up New Powerful Abilities And Skills Which Would Help Her Out

Maggie's Adventures

Teenager Maggie Would Go On Adventures To Discover Hidden Paths And Passageways

Defending Mobius

She And Her Simpson Sisters Now Known As The South Island Freedom Fighters With Teenage Maggie Sporting A New Outfit Black Tubetop, Dark Red Jeans And Black/White Sneakers Each Simpson Sister Has Unique Abilities To Her


Teenager Maggie Simpson: The South Island Freedom Fighters

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