Name Alina Catherine Cunningham

Age 24

Gender female

Species hedgehog

Alignment good

Style tomboy and goth

Fur/Hair color black

skin color peach

Eye color dark purple

Fighting style Tae Kwon do,shaolin Kung fu,tai chi,karate,jujitsu and kenjutsu

outfit a red short sleeve hoodie dark blue jeans white gloves and black&white converse

Powers matter manipulation,vocal manipulation,water manipulation,ice manipulation,invisibility, Intangiblity,wave manipulation,flying, healing,super speed,super strength,energy blast and air manipulation

Personality trait kind,smart,caring,bold,heroic,brave,strong,wise,anti-social,loner,shy,sarcastic,reckless,tomboysish and athletic

Ablities/skills hand to hand combat,acrobatic,artistic,grinding,speed,flight,understanding feeling&emotion,weapons &firearm combat skills,gymnastic and ninja skills

Likes helping innocent people including her friends,honesty,spending some time with shadow,drawing,being alone,racing with sonic,challenging her enemies,flying around the city ,meditating with silver,going to fun places and teasing her enemies

dislike people mocking her friends,people calling her a loser,rude people,hurting innocent people,Amy dragging her to the mall,girly girl things,snobby rich kids,popular girls,lying to her friends,guys raping or harassing with girls and guys flirting with Amy or girls flirting with sonic or shadow

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