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Luigi's Mansion 3 is a game made by Nazario Game Co.

Portrait Ghosts

Portrait Ghost Name Portrait Ghost's Room
'Army Hammer Bro., the Hammer Bro. Soldier' Weapons Storage Room
Axem Rangers ghosts, the Spirit of the Axem Rangers Hall
'Biff Atlas, the Bodybuilder' Training Room
'Blader, the Ice Skater' Ice Skating Rink
'Boonfire, the Boo Bonfire' Camp Site
''''Boolossus', the Jumbo Ghost 3rd Floor Balcony
'Cacvis, the Cactus Collector' Greenhouse
''''''''''Chauncey, the Spoiled Baby'''''''''' Nursery
'Clockwork Soliders, the Toy Soldier Platoon Trio' Playroom
'Count Dracula, the Dracula' Organ Room
Duke Scrapperton, the Robot Gentleman Basement
'''''''''''''''''''''''''The Floating Whirlindas, the Dancing Couple''''''''''''''''''''''''' Ball Room
F-Bot & M-Bot's ghosts, the Spirit of F-Bot & M-Bot Living Room
'Fogmire, the Fog Shadow' Pond
'Goo Boo, the Blob Splitting Boo' Library
Grackle, the Claw-Handed Musician Torture Room
Henry & Orville, the Twin Brothers Twin Brothers' Bedroom
'''''''Jarvis, the Jar Collector''''''' Ceramics Studio
''''''''''''''''King Boo & Bowser, the Dastardly & Fearsome Duo'''''''''''''''' Secret Altar
Melody Pianissima, the Beautiful Pianist Music Room
Mesogog's ghost, the Spirit of Mesogog Lab Room
'''''''''''''Mr. Luggs, the Glutton''''''''''''' Dining Room
Nana, the Scarf-Knitting Nanny Grandparents' Master Bedroom
Ping Pongshot, the Ponger Arcade Room
Pokey Minch's ghost, the Spirit of Pokey Minch Football Field
'''''''''''''''''''Shivers, the Wandering Butler''''''''''''''''''' Butler's Room
'Sir Weston, the Chilly Climber' Cold Storage Room
Slim Bankshot, the Lonely Poolshake Recreational Room
Spooky Speedster, the Boo Runner Running Road
''''Spooky, the Hungry Guard Dog'''' Boneyard
Strikers Charged Boo, the Undead Strikers Charged Sidekick Playroom
Sue Pea, the Dozing Guest Girl Guest Bedroom
Uncle Grimmly, the Hermit of the Darkness Wardrobe Room
'Vincent Van Gore, the Dutch Starving Artist' Artist's Studio
Wario's ghost, the Spirit of Wario Arcade Room
''''Wart's ghost, the Spirit of Wart'''' Throne Room
Wizard Kirkent, the Wizard Wizard Power Research Room
'Wiz-Tech, the Robot Wizard' Computer Room
X-Men ghosts, the X-Men Spirits Superpower Research Room
Zen Gaiden, the Zen Gardener Zen Garden


Room Name Room Portrait Ghost Name
Anterior Room None
Ball Room The Floating Whirlindas
Bathroom (2F) None
Bathroom (3F)
'Courtyard' None
Foyer None
Hall Axem Rangers ghosts
Master Bedroom Lydia
Nursery Chauncey
Parlor None
''''Storage Room'''' None
Study Neville
Wardrobe Room Uncle Grimmly
Washroom None

An example of a mini-boss, Mario.


King Boo's bronze portrait.

King Boo1

King Boo's silver portrait.


An example of a portrait ghost, King Boo./King Boo's gold portrait.


Luigi looking at an old fashioned abandoned Appleston mansion



Unknown-3 20-38-26

Luigi being scared by the army of Blue Ghosts.


Luigi opens the old Appleston Mansion door.


King Boo in a second sequel of Luigi's Mansion.


More mini bosses (that wear pants)

Power Ups and foreign Strikers by UMSAuthorLava

New transformations (above) and mini bosses (below)


The Battle of Bogmire

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