Love at first shell is the 10th episode of The 30 year war/Timeline D/Season 6.

One sentence summary

On a visit to kamino koopa troopa falls head over heals in love for a pink female troopa, but jango fett is trying to kill the girl troopa.


Noah & koopa troopa were called to kamino where they were greeted by tuan we, when they got inside they met a koopa with a pink shell, pink shoes, & a pink bow. koopa troopa suddenly felt his heart race, while noah got reports of a clone army koopa troopa tried to talk to the girl who's name was julia, he went starstruck when he heard that name. after they leave kamino jango and his new son boba are chasing after them. the 3 lead the bounty hunters to geonosis where they discover that the others got captured, they were gonna be eaten in an arena. when one of the beasts leaves 3 nasty scars on julia, troopa had snapped, they made a plan:

  1. noah, tyler, izzy, skipper, alejandro, & digit fight off the creatures and try to put jango fett in his place.
  2. eva, crane, li sun, private, & mike (manitoba smith) try to find an escape route out of the arena.
  3. koopa troopa flies julia to safety until backup arrives.

koopa troopa finds an outcropping where he treats julia's wounds where all of a sudden a man named count dooku comes in & threatens to kill them, but then the other 11 come in and fight him off, alejandro says that he killed jango but boba had got away, julia thanked the troopa than kissed him on the lips, but then her scars slowly vanished, troopa went starstruck and would have stumbled off the cliff if alejandro didn't catch him, troopa then hugged julia & she hugged back.


to be announced

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