Main Characters

Flame The Hedgehog-She Comes From The Fire Planet Her Fur Is Orange Red She Wears An Orange Red Tubetop With Flames On It Which Show Her Big Boobs And Stomach Black Jeans And Black Sneakers Her Spikes Are Upwards And Quills Are Downwards Her Sister Magma The Hedgehog They Reside In Flame Core

Darkness The Hedgehog-Darkness Has An Sad Story And A Happy One At Best Sad Story: When Darkness Was 16 Years Old Her Family Was Turned Into Robians As Part Of Robotnik's Plan For World Domination She Lost It And Turned Darkness An Form She Obtains She Says She Finds Herself To Be Very Sexy And Attractive In This Form As She Had Pitch Black Fur Empty Eyelids And Eyes Longer Spikes And Quills She Wore An Black Tubetop Showing Her Boobs And Stomach Black Jeans And Black Sneakers Some Of Her Moves She Says Might Cause Destruction She Tries To Clean It Up Happy Story: When Darkness Arrived On South Island Hoping To Find The Master Emerald

Cassandra The Hedgehog-This Little Young Energetic Purple Female Hedgehog Who Was Modeled After Tahra The Hedgehog She Has The Looks And Personality Of Tahra The Hedgehog Only Cassandra Was Extremely Nice She Was Surprisingly Intelligent For Her Age She Is 8 Years Old And Can Build And Invent Things Cassandra Was Given Her Very Own Set Of Cybernetic Powers She Is An Cybernetic Hedgehog Her Sister Tahra The Hedgehog Who Is Slightly Young (13) Possesses Cassandra's Trait And Personality And Was Intelligent Too Cassandra Wore An Dark Grey Tubetop Which Showed Her Boobs And Purple Stomach Black Jeans And Sneakers

Lisa The Hedgehog-Lisa Is A Sexy And Attractive Young Female Yellow Hedgehog Who Cares About The Environment And Earth And Is Willing To Do What It Takes To Stop Eggman From Reclaiming Mobius She Wears Her Orange Tubetop Which Shows Her Yellow Stomach Orange Jeans And Orange Sneakers She Had Long Yellow Hair They Also Have An Scene Featuring Them Trying To Stop Eggman And Successfully Does So All Of The Scenes Feature Them She Is Modeled After Lisa Simpson (17 Years Old)

Magma The Hedgehog-She Looks Like Her Sister In Everything

Maggie The Hedgehog-The Identical Twin To Lisa In Many Ways Clothing, Looks And Appearance She Was Modeled After Maggie Simpson (16 Year Old)

Other Sonic Characters And Villains

Lixes The Hedgehog-She Wore An Black Tanktop Which Showed Her Big Boobs And Yellow Stomach Black Leather Pants, Black Shoes And White Gloves Her Spikes And Quills Are Downward She Stands At 6"5 250 Pounds She Has Purple Eyes With Black Irises

Alexa The Hedgehog-She Has Long Green Hair Wears An Light Blue T-Shirt Which Shows Her Boobs And Green Stomach Dark Brown And Yellow Belt, Black Jeans And White/Black Shoes She Has Black Ears And Wears Black Inhibitor Rings She Has Aqua Blue Eyes With Black Irises And Has An Green Tail And Light Yellow Mouth And Has Big Black Eyelashes

Scene 1: Pursuing The Suppression Squad

  • On South Island In Lisa's Newly Built Base Of Operations*

Lisa The Hedgehog: *Resting Peacefully In Her Recliner* Ahh It's A Good Day To Take A Nap Don't You Agree?

Maggie The Hedgehog: Yeah I Agree

  • The Monitor Flashes Red*

Warning: Intruders Spotted Invading Freedom HQ

Lisa The Hedgehog: Oh My!!! *Rushes Over To Her Monitor* Oh No They're Gonna Invade Freedom HQ

Tahra The Hedgehog: *Smiles* Not If I'm Around There Won't Be Any Invasion Of Some Sort After We Get Through With Them

Magma The Hedgehog: We'll Roughhouse Them Good

Darkness The Hedgehog: *Smiles* Ooh I Can't Wait To Get My Hands On That Psychaotic Demon Rosy

Cassandra The Hedgehog: Yeah We're The Best Female Hedgehog Team Assembled Around

Flame The Hedgehog: Agreed

Lixes The Hedgehog: *Smiles* You Might As Well Add Me Too I'm Powerfully Strong And Can Find Hidden Passageways, Paths And Secret Exits

Lisa The Hedgehog: Alright!!!! *Smiles* We're Set To Do Battle

Alexa The Hedgehog: *Smiles* Did Someone Say Battle? I'm In!!!! I'm The Perfect Fit For The Group

Lisa The Hedgehog: *Smiles* Yay!!!! Alexa Joined Our Group Now We're Got All Members Needed

Alexa The Hedgehog: I'm Ready To Defend Mobius At All Costs

Lixes The Hedgehog: And Reclaim It's Honor

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