Lisa Simpson Jr Is The Daughter Of Lisa Simpson She Also Wears An Light Green Tubetop Showing Her Yellow Stomach Dark Blue Ripped Pants With An Black Belt On It, Black Shoes She Also Wore An Necklace She Also Had Yellow Bangs On Her Ears And She Also Had Star Earring On Her Right Ear And She Also Wore An White Jacket She Had Light Pink Underwears She Was Incredibly Bright

Tagging Along With Maggie, Maggie Jr And Lisa

She Followed Them To Mobius As They Were Called Upon To Combat The Suppression Squad As They Take Them On Along Came Jessica Lovejoy Jr Who Had Jessica Lovejoy With Her It Was 6 Vs. 7 So They Were Evenly Matched During The Battle They Attacked Them Directly

Movie Appearances

Maggie Simpson Jr: The New Adventures

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