Adult simpsons kids

Lisa As She Appears As An Adult Lisa Had Long Hair Which Was Held By Her Necklace She Worn An Black Tanktop Which Showed Her Yellow Stomach Black Leather Jeans And Wore Black Shoes, She Had Tattoos On Both Of Her Arms Maggie Wore An Jacket Which Showed Her T-Shirt, Black Jeans And Black Shoes And She Had Longer Hair Than Usual

WWF Debut (1990-Present)

When Both Maggie And Lisa Were Brought Into The WWF They Needed An Gimmick That Would Propel Them To Superstardom Lisa Suggested The Punk Rockers Who Were Extremely Polite And Kind And Were Faces They Wore They Same Attire And Rode Motorcycles To The Ring They Became Famously Known For Their Double Team Finisher Which Was "The Double Tombstone Piledriver" Modeled After Undertaker's Finisher

Return, Storylines (1994-97)

They Made Their Return In 1994 During This Time They Had Won 45 Tag Team Championships At This Point Making Them The Most Successful Duo In WWF History

Final Years In The WWF (1995-98)

They Managed To Win 4 More Tag Team Titles Giving Them 53 Overall They Retired In 1998 As Active Competitors In The WWF In 1990 Lisa And Maggie Simpson Jr Joined Them

Personal Life (1998-Present)

After Their WWF Career Lisa And Maggie Decided To Form An Freedom Fighter Team With Their Two Daughters Lisa And Maggie Simpson Jr (Ages: 16 And 17 Respectively) Who Wore Their Outfits


The Punk Rockers: Legendary Status (Movie)

The Undertaker: Birth Of A Legend


Lisa And Her Sisters And Daughters Also Were The Original Managers Of The Undertaker (Jonathan) And Starred In The Undertaker: Birth Of A Legend

Interestingly Enough Jonathan's Original Deadman Gimmick (1994-Present) Lasted Throughout The 90's And Into The 2000's At One Point During 2000 Undertaker (Mark Calaway) Who Was The American Badass Ditched His Badass Look And Music And Returned To His Original Deadman Gimmick (1994-96) With His Grim Reaper Theme

Lisa, Maggie, Lisa Jr And Maggie Jr Are Jonathan's Cousins And He Is Their Son

Although Lisa Has Appeared In Many Comics The Simpsons Spin Off Comics Lisa Simpson (1990-Present) Which Actually Correctly Depicted Lisa Like This During The Comics Her Siblings Amanda Simpson, Becky Simpson And Marianna Simpson Were Introduced In Issue # 1 (1990-91) Ironically They Appear Much Younger As They Are 19,20 And 21 Each The Plot Of These Comics Revolves Around Lisa And Her Daughters Living Their Normal Lives In Springfield Until They Discovered That They Had Superpowers Of Their Own And So They Decided To Test Them Out Ironically Maggie Broke 2 Windows Because Of Her Destructive Powers But Maggie Can Also Fix The Windows With Her Fixing Powers As Well And So They Form An Heroic Group Of Females Who Will Do Everything To Protect Springfield And It's Citizens

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