Lisa Davenport is an original character appearing in the Jurassic Park fanfiction Corruption.


After realizing that Kevin Davenport may have known the identity of Piper Norvell's supervisor, Erik Maximoff decied to pay his wife a visit in the middle of the night in hopes of a name.

Her son Tanner opened the door and got his mother. Lisa was less than enthusiastic and Erik was less than cooperative. When Lisa had trouble remembering anything, Erik got impacient and yelled at her.

Lisa's attitute turned sour, but she still told him a name that Kevin had mentioned: Alex Amadore. Lisa told him to leave and stop cirling the house. Erik told his he wasn't and realized she was being watched. Erik told her to go out the back while he hid behind a wall.

After knocking out one of the gunmen, Lisa enocuntered another one in the kitchen. Lisa was shot in the arm and Erik called an ambulance before telling Tanner to apply pressure to the wound before leaving.



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