Lilithmon Burst Mode

Evolution Stage Mega
Attribute Virus
Type Demon Lord
Family Nightmare Soldiers
Group Seven Great Demon Lords
List of Digimon

Lilithmon Burst Mode is a Mega (Ultimate in japanese version) Digimon that is a Burst evolved version of Lilithmon that appears in Digital Hyuga Chronicles made by Ryuu the Ancient Keyblade Master.


Lilithmon Burst Mode appears near the end of this fanfic. Her body is covered in dark energy and her eyes are pure white.

Attack Techniques

Name Description
Chaos Claw She claws her foe with her claw that is covered in dark energy.
Phantom Pain She summons voids of dark energy that suck in her foes into a realm of nothingness.
Makai Chains She summons chains from the digital underworld that wrap around her foes that makes them unable to move.


Evolves from

  • Lilithmon

Evolves into

  • -none-


  • No one

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