Leon hedgehog and friends by saigeryumurayami-d23j8ot

Leon And Friends Are Close Friends Of The Ultimate Lifeform Himself Jonathan The Hedgehog Here Are The Descriptions Of Each

Leon Hedgehog-An Pal Of Jonathan The Hedgehog He Always Has Swag And Isn't Too Cocky He Is White Furred

Trent Fox-Trent Invents Jonathan An Pair Of Turbo Jet Shoes Which Allows Jonathan To Go Faster He Is Yellow Furred

Alicia Hedgehog-Alicia Has An Huge Crush On Jonathan Alicia Ironically Has The Same Abilities As Jonathan The Hedgehog She Is White Furred Wears An Red T-Shirt Which Showed Her White Stomach White Jeans With Flames On It And Red/White Shoes Trivia: Alicia Is The Sister Of Jonathan Making Jonathan Her Brother She Has Long White Hair

Alexis Rose-Cute And Cuddly Alexis Always Loves To Help Jonathan Out In Any Way She Is Pink Furred

Sky Hedgehog-An Cool Dude With An Positive Outlook On Life And Tells Jonathan To Remain Calm

Fiona Cat-She Adores Jonathan For Odd Reasons She Follows Him Everywhere He Goes She Is Purple Furred

Adam Armadillo-Adam Is An Sneaky Little Fox And Pops Up In Unsuspecting Places He Is Dark Red

Blake Black Hedgehog-Blake Is Definitely Not Jonathan By Any Means He Can Be As Good As He Can Be

Crysta K. Wolf-Crysta Tackles Jonathan In Happiness And Kisses Him She Is Dark Blue Furred And Is Very Attractive

Kenshin Chameleon-Nuff Said He Is Green Furred

Marcus H. Wolf-Nuff Said He Is Grey Furred

Coming To Jonathan's Aid

4 Females Rushed In To Help Jonathan (Alicia Hedgehog, Alexis Rose, Fiona Cat And Crysta K. Wolf) They Fought Alongside Jonathan And Kokoro The Hedgehog

Appearances In Fanfics/Movies

The Westside Island Freedom Fighters (Movie/Fanfic Respectively)

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