Name Ally Parker

age 11

hair color blonde with blue tips

eye color green

Personality smart,shy,sarcastic,strong,funny,goofy,resourceful,hothead,generous,humorous,kind,caring,brave,heroic,bold,polite,tomboyish and industrious


her sister Lena

Molly Jodi Wilson

Amber McClain

Jace Lenard

Miguel Martin

glamourous girl (sometimes)


Eric Montez


Janice Matthews

Alana Jackson

heather mccain

Lori Megan

enforcement soliders

Glamourous girl (sometimes)

outfit a black t-shirt with a yellow radioactive symbol on it over a red long sleeve shirt blue sleeveless denim vest dark blue jeans and black & white converse shoes

voice by AnnaSophia Robb (season 1) Mae Whitman (season 2) Ashlegh ball (season 3) Lara Jill Miller (season 4)

Quote whoa I did not see that coming ~ ally in episode 1 where she,her sister and her friends are surrounded by the enforcement military solider

Relatives Josh Parker (older brother) nick Parker (older brother) Lena Parker (younger sister/ best friend) and Vanessa Parker (mother)

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