Larry Linford is a character from the Tokyo Mew Mew fanfic Like Two Sides Of A Coin. An original character, Larry is one of the few male Mews.


Before Like Two Side Of A Coin

Larry was once an average 17-year-old high school student. Having finished his final exams and looking forward to six care-free months before starting university, his life was turned upside-down by what he had thought would be a fairly normal shopping trip with his friend Melanie. Several hours after being used as a beast of burden, Larry was on his way out to the car while Melanie left to retrieve her cellphone that she had lost earlier, but while unloading the packages he heard about a commotion that that happened inside the mall and curious, left to see what had happened.

He found Melanie being attended to by paramedics, wounded badly after being caught in the cross-fire between security guards and robbers. Going with her to the hospital, he was confronted by her distraught parents and indirectly blamed for what happened to her. This was carried-on the following day when he got into a fight with her boyfriend, Alan, and finally had enough. Arriving home, he packed a bag and decided to forge ahead with

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