Lara Croft

Lara Croft As She Appears In Tomb Raider III: The Adventures Of Lara Croft She Wore An Dark Grey Tanktop Which Showed Her Boobs And Light Tan Skin Dark Grey Camo Pants And Black Shoes She Had Long Brown Hair (Ponytail)  She Had Dark Brown Eyes With Black Irises And Dark Brown Lips And Wore An Dark Brown Backpack On Her Back

Appearances In Tomb Raider

She Has Made Numerous Appearances In The Tomb Raider Video Game Series Mainly As The Playable Character In General

Versions Of Lara Croft

Lisa Simpson-This Was The Actual Alternate Version Of Lara As It Was Lisa Herself Who Wore The Exact Same Clothes And Had The Same Appearance As Lara Lara Considers Her To Be Her Twin Look A Like Because Of Their Similarities In Appearance It Wasn't Just Lisa Who Had Lara's Looks And Appearance It Was Her Sister Maggie And Her Daughters As Well

Tomb Raider (Archie Comics)

Lara Did Appear In Tomb Raider Published By Archie Comics In 1993 Which Actually Had Ties With Sonic The Hedgehog At The Time Lara Was Depicted As An Treasure Hunter Looking For The Chaos Emeralds To Give Her Unique Powers And Abilities To Help Her Fight Robotnik And His Badniks

Skills And Abilities


Gymnastics Moves


Expert Weaponery

Excellent Hand To Hand Combat

Comic Book Series

Tomb Raider (Archie Comics) (1993-Present)

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