Battle Chips are the battle data programs Operators equip their NetNavis with to battle against viruses and other NetNavis. Battle Chips are categorized in three categories: Standard, Mega and Giga class chips.

Battle Chip Rules

There are certain rules to follow when using Battle Chips.

1. Each Battle Chip can only be used once per NetBattle and virus busting. In order to be used again the Battle Chip must be inserted into a Chip Recharger to recover the chip's data and allow it to be used again.

2. There is a 3 second cool down time after the downloaded Battle Chip is used. During this three second span another Battle Chip of different code/type cannot be downloaded.

3. Each Battle Chip is coded with a certain letter code. Since each code has a different input data, different Battle Chips cannot be slotted in at once unless they share the same code.

Example: Cannon, code B can be slotted in along with Barrier, code B.

4. Despite the code on the Battle Chips, two similar Battle Chips can be slotted in at once.

Example: Cannon, code B can be slotted in along with Cannon, code A.

5. Some Battle Chips are restricted to certain Navis and series.

Standard Class

Standard class chips are the most common types of Battle Chips.

  • Cannon [POW: 40] [Rarity: *----]

Transforms your buster into a cannon until ammo runs out.

  • M-Cannon [POW: 120] [Rarity: ***--]

Transforms your buster into a cannon until ammo runs out.

  • Vulcan1 [POW: 10] [Rarity: *----]

Transforms your buster into a gatlic gun until ammo runs out.

  • [NEW] Vulcan2] [POW: 20] [Rarity: **---]

Transforms your buster into a gatlic gun until ammo runs out.

  • [NEW] MrkCan3 [POW: 130] [Rarity: ***--]

Crosshair aims 3 areas horizontally and destroys aimed floor.

  • TankCannon1 [POW: 80] [Rarity: *----]

Transforms your buster into a huge cannon for just 1 shot.

  • MachGun1 [POW: 60] [Rarity: *----]

Allows to control a battery gun with PET.

  • [NEW] ParaBomb [POW: 90] [Rarity: **---]

When thrown bomb explodes in a 3x3 radius.

  • ElecTouch [POW: 100] [ELEC] [Rarity: **---]

Touch enemies to electrocute.

  • MiniBomb [POW: 50] [Rarity: *----]

Grants a bomb you can throw.

  • Mine [POW: 300] [Rarity: ***--]

Plants a mine underground.

  • Sword [POW: 80] [Rarity: *----]

Transforms arm into a cyber sword.

  • WideSword [POW: 80] [Rarity: **---]

Transforms arm into a wider cyber sword.

  • CyberClaw [POW: 120] [Rarity: ***--]

Grants claws as sharp as a Sharptooth.

  • LongClaw [POW: 120] [Rarity: ****-]

Grants even longer claws as sharp as a Sharptooth.

  • CyberHorns [POW: 100] [Rarity: ***--]

Grants horns of a ThreeHorn.

  • BubblyGoo [POW: 40] [AQUA] [Rarity: **---]

Shoots mud at enemy and blinds.

  • SkyPuffy [POW: 0] [Rarity: **---]

Fills area with clouds.

  • TreeStar [HEAL: 50%] [Rarity: **---]

Recovers 50% of HP.

  • AirShoes [POW: 0] [Rarity: **---]

Increases movement speed.

  • Area Steal [POW: 0] [Rarity: **---]

Teleports to area desired.

  • Barrier [POW: 0] [Rarity: **---]

Protects from 1 attack.

Mega Class

Mega Class chips are more powerful than Standard class chips which only 5 can be used per NetBattle and virus busting. These can be idenfitied with a blue border on the chip.

  • MegaFist [POW: 250] [Rarity: ****-]

Powerful fist with devatasting attack force.

  • AlimonClaw [POW: 150] [Rarity: *****]

Grants powerful claws of the Alimon.

  • Earthshake [POW: 100] [GROUND] [Rarity: ***--]

Cracks the ground and rises spires.

  • ShinyWall [POW: 0] [AQUA] [Rarity: ***--]

Creates a wall of ice.

  • Horn Thrust [POW: 120] [Rarity: ****-]

Elongates horns and increases speed to thrust.

  • ThreeHorn Charge [POW: 150] [Rarity: ****-]

Charge with extraordinary power.

  • SpikeTail Guard [POW: 0] [Rarity: ****-]

Weilds a shield as tough as a SpikeTail.

  • ClubTail [POW: 50] [Rarity: ***--]

Grants club tail to slam enemies.

  • Beak Missile [POW: 100] [Rarity: ****-]

Increases flight speed to impale with beak.

  • FlameBreath Blast [POW: 200] [FIRE] [Rarity: ****-]

Engulfs huge area in flames.

  • Ducky [POW: 20] [AQUA] [Rarity: ***--]

Attacks with AquaBubbles and restores HP.

Giga Class

Giga Class chips are extremely powerful and are restricted to only one chip per NetBattle and virus busting. These can be identified with a red border on the chip.

  • FireWater [POW: 200] [FIRE ] [Rarity: *****]

Cracks the ground and floods with lava.

  • Alimon Rage [POW: 0] [Rarity: *****]

Increases strength and speed tenfolds.

Forbidden/Illegal Chips

Net criminals wastes no time in creating original Battle Chips with numerous data to come up with powerful chips used to gain an illegal advantage against their opponents. These are the known Forbidden Chips so far.

  • FastBiter Lunge

Velociraptors bite and paralizes enemy.

  • Virus Summon

Call upon viruses to help summoner.


The Battle Chip classes and some Battle Chips present in this library are from the MegaMan Battle Network series. The author of Land Before Time: Battle Network does not claim ownership over these except for original Battle Chips and classes created by himself.

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