Main Characters

Lisa Simpson-Standing At 6"11 And Weighs In At 330 Pounds She Wore An White And Black Tanktop Which Actually Showed Her Yellow Stomach And Boobs Black Leather Pants And Black Boots Black Fingerless Taped Gloves And Black Sunglasses On Top Of Her Head She Had Long Yellow Hair Lisa Is Physically Stronger Than The Undertaker (Mark Calaway) And Jonathan

Maggie Simpson-She Wore The Same Attire As Lisa And She Became Her And Lisa's Escort That Is Until Marianna Simpson, Megan Simpson And Kirsten Simpson Joined Them As Escorts

Mark Calaway/The Undertaker-Fresh Off His First World Wrestling Federation Title In 1991 And Repeated Championship In 1992 Looking To Claim His 3rd World Wrestling Federation Championship As "The Western Mortician"

Marianna Simpson

Megan Simpson

Kirsten Simpson

All WWF Superstars

Scene 1: Making Her Memorable WWF Debut (1993)

  • In The Locker Room*

Lisa Simpson: *Reads The Newspapers And Sees The Headline "Undertaker Is Out For 1993 After Suffering An Back Injury In 1992"* Oh No This Isn't Good

Maggie Simpson: You Tell Me

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