Kokoro The Hedgehog Is One Of Two Of Bethany The Hedgehog's Friends She Is Dark Red Furred With An White/Light Purple Hairband Her Spikes Are Very Different Light Purple Earrings On Her Ears With Black Lines On It She Has Light Purple Eyes With Black/White Irises She Wore An Dark Purple Jacket Which Showed Her Dark Red Stomach And Tail With Black Stripe Dark Black Pants And White/Purple Shoes And Dark Yellow Inhibitor Rings

COMM SA kokoro by Emerald Eyes Phoenix

Kokoro The Hedgehog Was An Special Female Hedgehog She Looked Different And Acted Nicer Towards Bethany She Was Being Created In The Westside Island Lab By Her Sister Bethany The Hedgehog With Help Of Sandra The Hedgehog Kokoro Was Released From Her Beauty Sleep And Awoke Kokoro Immediately Faced Her Sister And Hugged Her Which Made Her Smile Her Dark Red Stomach And Tail Showing Made Her More Sexy And Attractive

Going On Her First Mission

Bethany Asked Kokoro To Fetch The Chaos Emeralds So She Could Make Their Cruiser So Kokoro Goes Out On Her Mission To Retrieve The Chaos Emeralds Kokoro Uses Her Senses And Retrieves The Chaos Emeralds And Brings Them Back To Bethany

Powers And Abilities

Kokoro Is Fire Based And Has Fire Powers With Telekinesis And Psychic Powers As Well She Is Extremely Powerful And Invincible And Impossible To Take Out She Is An Sweet Talker And Can Manipulate Time And Space


Kokoro The Hedgehog Was Born In Flame Core Where She Picked Up Her Fire Power Skills And Her Psychic Powers And Became One


Normal Form-She Looks As She Appears In The Picture

Fire Kokoro-She Now Is Covered In Fire And Has An Fire Aurora Covering Her Her Fur Turns From Dark Red To Red Orange

Dark Kokoro-She Is Consumed By Both Rage And Sadness Which Causes Her To Transform Into Dark Kokoro The Hedgehog Her Fur Changes From Dark Red To Pitch Black With Her Quills Growing Longer She Came To Be After Bethany Was Put In The Hospital By The Suppression Squad And Super Scourge She Isn't Violent As They Claim She Is Rather She Is Afraid For Others Safety And Will Protect Them She Is Very Opposed To Destruction Of Mobius

Being In The Sonic Universe

Kokoro, Tahra, Bethany, Sandra, Nicole, Sugar And Andrea The Hedgehog Became Sonic Characters They Mostly Interacted With Jonathan The Hedgehog Who Then At This Point Had Became The Super Hot Lisa The Hedgehog (She Looks Like Kokoro In Everything Except That Lisa Was Dark Yellow Furred With Her Spikes Pointing Upwards She Had Light Purple Eyes Much Like Kokoro Herself The Difference Here Is Lisa Has 5 Different Super Forms (Super, Hyper, Light, Fire And Ultimate) Note: Ultimate Lisa The Hedgehog Had Light Yellow Fur With Red Quills Lisa's First Official Appearance Was In The Movie That Was Based On The Archie Sonic The Hedgehog Comics Called Sonic And Knuckles The Movie In That Movie Lisa Interacts With Her Fellow Female Hedgehogs As They Try To Prevent Robotnik From Reviving The Death Egg So They Worked Together To Ensure That Robotnik Doesn't Revive The Death Egg Along The Way They Enter Special Stages (Yes Special Stages Are Included) To Get The Chaos And Super Emeralds Once They Do They Head For The Death Egg Zone Where There's Traps Everywhere And They Must Navigate Their Way Through And Stop Robotnik They Faced Off Against Big Arm Some Movies Only Feature Kokoro, Bethany, Sandra, Sugar And Andrea The Hedgehog Such As Sonic The Hedgehog 1,2,3 And CD And Many Movies That Feature Them The Movie "The Female Hedgehogs" Feature Kokoro, Bethany, Sandra, Sugar, Andrea And Lisa The Hedgehog (Jonathan)


Kokoro Was An Mysterious Female Hedgehog As She Had Upwards Ears, Spikes And Black Stripes On Her Ears And Front Quills She Worn An Dark Purple/Black Jacket Which Showed Her Dark Red Stomach And Dark Red Tail She Had Light Purple Eyes With Black Irises Black Pants And White With Purple Balls Sneakers And An White And Light Purple Belt That Is Attached To Her Jacket She Had Light Purple Earrings On Her Left Ear And An White/Light Purple Hairband She Had An Light Yellow Muzzle Mouth And An Black Nose She Wears Dark Yellow Taped Gloves She Was In Her Garden On Westside Island Planting Her Harvest Until Her Friends Bethany, Sugar, Sandra, Andrea And Lisa The Hedgehog Entered The Garden And Informed Her That Robotnik Had Stolen The Master Emerald In Order To Revive His Death Egg Kokoro Was Saddened By This And Decided To Join Them In Return They Would Help Kokoro With Her Harvest This Scene Was In "The Female Hedgehogs" As The First Scene

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