one day koga was sitting in the cave where he and his wife ayome lived talking to his two friend when ayome ran in "koga! I need to talk to you!" he got up and ran to her to see what was worng "what is it, whats worng?" he asked her "nothing,but guess what!" she said. koga was looking kinda mad but still he said "what?" "i'm going to have your babby!" his eyes got big "what? Are you sure?" "yeah i'm sure!" she said koga. was ready for alot of things but a babby was not one of them. So months went pass and things got worse and worse her belly got bigger and bigger and she started to yell all the time "dammit koga! Go and get me some water!" "what the hell is taking so long with my dam water, right now!" koga felt like slapping her. one day he was on his way back home with ayome's water when he heard her scream "ayome!" He yelled. he ran when got back to the cave he walked in "ayome,whats worng?" he asked her "it's time!" after the baby was born they named it keoga, a boy, he had blue eyes like dad and red-ish brown hair like his mother and an attude just like his dad too. ayome said to koga "we to take him to see a prestess to be blessed,do know one?"koga's first thought was kagome but knew if he said that to ayome she would get upset but she was the only one he knew so he said "uhh,k-kagome" ayome looked at him as if he just spit on her. "are you sure thats the only one you know or were just thinking about her already." she said koga got an insant attude. he felt insulted. so he said "yeah thats the only one i know how many do you know?" she looked at him with a kinda smug look and turned and walked away with the baby in her arms.a hour later koga went into the room wher ayome and little keoga was."ayome im going over to kagome's place and ask her to bless my son" ayome looked at him with a frown "your son? your son!" she said "the last time i checked i he was our son not just yours" koga looked at her and walked out he did not feel like arueing with her so he went on his way to kagome's place. when he got

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