P5 Kitty DL by DragonsLover1

Kitty Or She Likes Be Called Kitty The Tiger Is Jonathan The Hedgehog's Talking Tiger Who Is His Best Friend She Has Dark Blue/Black Hair She Has Grey Fur She Wore An Black Tanktop Which Showed Her Grey Stomach And Black Stripes On It She Wore Dark Grey Jeans She Was Barefooted With Black Toenails She Has A Yellow Earring On Her Left Ear She Has Yellow Wings And Is Equipped With An Dark Grey Hammer She Had An Black/White Tail

Jonathan And Kitty's Weird Team Up And Pairing

When Jonathan The Hedgehog Sped Past Green Hill Zone An Grey Furred Female Tiger Follows Him Named Kitty She Tackled Jonathan In Happiness She Joined Him On His Adventures Kitty Smiled And Said She Upgraded Each Of Her Weapons And Put Them In Her Backpack Kitty's Fellow Female Tigers Joined Jonathan The Hedgehog

Kitty's Backstory

Kitty Was Born On An Mysterious Island Which All Female Tigers Were Born On Called Tiger Valley All Female Tigers Including Kitty Were Training In Their Dojo With Their Female Trainer Jessica The Tiger (Who Was The Most Powerful Female Tiger Of All Time) She Leads The Tigers Who Were Very Different From Kitty They Use Their Melee Weapons Only If They Need To


Jonathan And Kitty

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